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It's durable and very bright, featuring four-watt LEDs that you'll never need to replace.


The battery cover is difficult to twist back on.


It's a reliable, high-quality product that has worked well for us in a variety of situations!

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Rayovac SE3DLN Sportsman Xtreme 300-Lumen LED Lantern from
Rayovac Sportsman Xtreme LED Lantern Review
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Will the LED lantern from Rayovac live up to your expectations?

I know, I know, what does a girl know about these flashlight and lantern things, anyways? As long as it turns on and produces a glow bright enough that one can see by, it’s good enough, right? I think it’s actually funny that I’m the one writing the review on this item because my dad is the one obsessed with all things that light up…but then I thought maybe my review would be helpful and interesting, being that I’m simply the average girl who’ll grab the lantern in question and use it for whatever reason, relying on it to do its job. In my humble and honest opinion, here’s what I have to say…

Much light irradiates from it. To put it more simply, it’s very bright, and I have really appreciated that fact a number of times…as in, the electricity goes out and we use it to produce this much-needed light in very necessary places (the bathroom)…we go camping in our cabin and hang it from the ceiling so we can do all the silly things a bunch of overtired girls in a cabin do…the list goes on. My brothers have always used these lanterns when they head out to milk their cows, as they’re easy to set on the ground and plenty bright enough for the operation…though I’m taking a guess that not many persons reading this would be interested in the light for such a purpose. Anyways, I’m just sayin’, keep these lights in mind if you ever invest in a cow.

Now, do I have any problems with the design of this particular light? Yes, actually, I do—the part on the bottom that rotates on and off for the battery compartment drives me nuts. It’s simple enough to get off, but (and again, maybe this is just because I’m the typical how-the-heck-do-you-figure-this-out female), it’s impossible for me to get it back on. I guess everything has to be aligned just so before you give the little twist, but it takes my hair-brained self forever. Also, though this product is very durable and has put up with quite a lot in our household, there was one occasion where it was dropped and the batteries spilled out. Not a big deal, unless you’re on your way to the house with a pail of milk in the dark. Guess maybe you should try not to drop it. But really, the battery cover is my only complaint with the item, though…aside from the fact that I occasionally forget it’s a lantern and expect it to cast light ahead of me like a flashlight when I’m outside at night (that makes a lot of sense…outside with a lantern at night…I feel like I just pointed to the elephant in the room), and so anyways, I hear a spooky noise and really badly (like really badly) want to shine the light forward to see the culprit of said noise…and instead it feels like the light is ‘stuck’ around me. But then…if you’re purchasing this lantern…you should know it’s a lantern and not expect it be a flashlight. That’s not an issue with the item…that's just me.

So, some of the features of this simple-yet-powerful LED lantern include 300 lumens with 3 different settings; high, low and strobe, it has a little green light that blinks every few seconds (might scare you a wee bit if you’re unaware of this on a camping trip) near the ‘on’ button so it’s never hard to find, has a little hook on the bottom so you can hang it, takes 3 D alkaline batteries (not included), it’s waterproof, and lastly, it’s also covered by a lifetime warranty (sweet).

To sum up, this lantern has always worked really well for us (we have two of them, in fact). They’re a good, sturdy quality, and they’re exceptionally bright. I would recommend these, as we use them (both of them) on a very regular basis. And as long as you have a little bit of know-how or know someone with this special gift, the battery cover thing shouldn’t be an issue. Oh, and you could always just carry a tiny little flashlight in your pocket in case you ever have a sudden, urgent desire to shine light further ahead or behind you. That way you won’t stand there yelling and swinging the lantern above your head like an idiot (I’m not talking about anyone in particular here…really I’m not).

Overall, it’s a very decent product at a low price. My bet—you’ll use it frequently and never regret your purchase! Go ahead and jump over to Amazon where you can read more about it (has a lot of good reviews!) or buy it there for under $25.

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Date Reviewed: May 7, 2012, 9:31 am
Reviewed by annmarie
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