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It's extremely comfortable, easy to adjust, and comes with a movable microphone and amplifying ear pieces. Sound channels can be adjusted to fit your tastes.


This headset is not compatible for Mac computers.


Although it may be pricey, this is definitely worth every cent.

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Razer Megalodon Headset from Razer
Razer Megalodon Headset Review
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REVIEW: Megalodon USB Gaming Headset (Razer)

While it isn't a cheap buy, the Megalodon USB Gaming Headset is a thing of beauty, fitting comfortably against the ears while delivering amplified sound and customized audio quality that only a Razer brand headset could deliver.  Its noise-filtering microphone also makes it an important asset to gamers who can't afford to let background audio garble up their voice during intense gameplay.  Here's why this headset is consistently ranked as the best gaming headset for hardcore gamers.

  • Very comfortable; no jagged or harsh edges
  • Comes with a noise-filtering, swiveling microphone
  • Amplifies sound perfectly, allowing you to hear commands and game noise better

  • Only works with the PC; Mac users need to find an alternative
  • Headset only plugs into USB ports
  • It's not cheap: one headset costs $119.99


Design-wise, the Megalodon USB Gaming Headset is as basic as it gets.  The ear pierces are comfortable, wide, and can easily cup any ear, preventing any sound from escaping the headset.  The headset can also be adjusted to fit; all of the pieces are comfortable, and don't feel harsh or biting against the skin.  This should allow gamers to use it for hours without needing to take it off or readjust it for additional comfort.  While it won't win any awards for being the prettiest headset out there, its bare-bones design delivers more on comfort than it does aesthetics.


Arguably the Megalodon USB Gaming Headset's strongest asset is its features: From detailed audio channel control to its noise-filtering (and super-swivelable) microphone, there is no end to its customization.  Its most important, in my opinion, is its control box--a tiny, rotating device that comes attached to the headset's cord.  In use, this control box allows you to specifically control the amplification of each surround sound channel, controlling how loud (or how soft) certain sounds are amplified, such as the sound of footsteps or exploding mortar.  I can see this being really helpful for those who play stealth or first person shooter games, where hearing just the slightest of sounds can help you sense an enemy's presence.

Its super-swivelable microphone is also a prized feature.  The microphone can be flicked back and forth by 270 degrees, allowing you to bring the microphone to your mouth or away from it in just a split second.  The microphone's sensitivity also allows your voice to be amplified to other listeners, regardless of how noisy it is around you--great for those who often use Ventrilo.


After the Megalodon USB Gaming Headset was tested out by experts, few reported any issues with the hardware.  The headset fit comfortably and worked immediately; sounds were amplified to their maximum, allowing for improved gameplay.  

The only issue that consistently came up was its lack of Mac support--should you want to use this on a Mac computer, you're out of luck.  Razer hasn't said if they'll make their headset compatible for the Mac in the future, but as of right now, Mac users can't use this headset. This, aside from some intermittent, temporary listening malfunctions, remains its biggest issue.  Thankfully, I won't be affected by this, as I am a die-hard PC gamer.

Customer Response

The Megalodon USB Gaming Headset still remains a top favorite among expert and customer alike.  "It worked without having to configure anything," says one customer.  "So easy to use, the best sound quality ever, insane comfort, everything about this headset is almost too good to be true."

Other customers share his sentiment, lauding Razer for its extremely comfortable, soft, and easy-to-wear headset.  One customer even say it is "the most comfortable computer headphones I've worn."


Although the price can be an issue for casual gamers, hardcore gamers will find it worth the money, knowing that it will give them an edge over the competition.  If you need better sound or microphone quality, this is the headset to get.  If the price is really a concern, trade this headset for an Ear Force X12 Gaming Headset instead (a $50+ savings).
Date Reviewed: April 4, 2012, 11:05 am
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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