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Great benefits for the price, many programmable buttons and a cool TRON look.


A little pricey compared to a regular mouse and lights could be brighter.


Overall, this is a great mouse, in typical Razer fashion. I would recommend it to any gamer who also loves TRON.

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Razer TRON Mouse from Razer
Razer TRON Mouse Review
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Review: TRON Gaming Mouse (Razer)

I am a huge gamer and most of the games I play are MMORPGs online so I need to have a mouse that is responsive, fits well in my hand and is lightweight.† There are so many manufacturers out there that are coming up really great equipment that it can be difficult choosing one that is right for me but Razer has been a long time favorite. †Some of them are quite costly so it is important to look at them all before making a final decision on which one to try.

I came across the Tron Gaming Mouse and decided to see what it is all about and if the hype was worth the cost of $70 on average.† Now this price is not just for the gaming mouse as it also comes with a Tron mouse pad that interacts while youíre using the mouse.† It leaves light blue trailers that follow the mouse and while it is not very bright during the daytime or even with natural in home lighting, it does look pretty cool when the lights are lowered.

Here are some other cool things that the Tron Gaming Mouse brings to the table.

Product Features

The following is a short list of the features of the Tron Gaming Mouse:

∑††††††† Plug and Play Capabilities

∑††††††† Download Software from the Website for Optimal Configuration

∑††††††† Futuristic Design

∑††††††† Lightweight

∑††††††† Tron Sounds from the Movie

∑††††††† Lighted Mouse Pad with Trail Effects

∑††††††† Left or Right Hand Use

∑††††††† 7 Customizable Buttons

As has been illustrated, this mouse really does have it all and I have been hard pressed not to throw out cash on it.† Having a mouse that is super responsive is very important to me since I have a light hand on the mouse.† A lightweight mouse may take some time to get used as Iíve never had one before but I donít think it would take long to figure it out.

Why You Need It

So why do you need the Tron Gaming Mouse?† Well, to start off, 7 customizable buttons means that anyone can use this mouse and have it fully set up for their own preference. The configuration software is very cool.† It really keeps with the style of the Tron movies and making it easy to reconfigure the buttons for different users.

One of my favorite parts of the software is that I can set my own configuration and my husband can set his and we can save them to easily revert from one or the other.† If you are the only one using the mouse, you can also set up different profiles.† You can have one for shooter games and another for MMORPGs.

What Can Be Improved Upon

There are a few issues with this mouse with one being the small size of the mouse itself.† Some of the gamers with larger hands may find that they have to grip the mouse in a claw grip. This is very uncomfortable and can also lead to carpal tunnel.† Those with larger hands may have to pass unless they find a more comfortable grip.† Medium to small handed people should have no problem at all with the size but it could take getting used to.

While some might enjoy a lighter mouse, I prefer a heavy one with light action buttons. As stated before, it would take some getting used to.† Unfortunately, this might be a deal breaker for other players who really need a bulky mouse.† So really, this mouse has everything but in a small, lightweight package and that could be a problem.

While the company says that the reaction time is good, it is, but it would be better if the reaction time were great.† This mouse can be a bit laggy but not enough to ruin the gaming experience with the exception of the super gamer.† There are some other mice out there that donít have the cool effects but do have a bit more reaction time. I like it better than a gaming pad, personally.†


Overall, I really do like this mouse and I think the Tron features of the mouse pad are pretty cool even though I wish the lights were just a bit brighter.† The software is a great addition and for those gamers who want to switch quickly between profiles it certainly does that.† A price tag of roughly $60 makes affordable as Iíve seen some out there that arenít as good but cost twice as much.† †††

Date Reviewed: April 9, 2012, 10:28 am
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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