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ReImage restores Windows to its operability level when it was first started, like a complete reinstall--but you won't lose your files, applications, or software programs after using it.


It can reverse changes you made deliberately to the Windows system, which can be bothersome. You also have to pay a yearly subscription, which is costly and only covers its use for one computer.


If you want to improve your computer's operability, than ReImage is a must.

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Computer malfunctions arise from many problems: Harmful malware, damaged or missing Windows files, or faulty hardware.  The first two problems are fairly commonplace, especially with frequent computer use, but the third one isn't detectable with normal anti-malware or registry cleaning programs--such as Spyware Cease and Registry Winner.  Therefore, fixing these malfunctions require the use of multiple software programs.

ReImage is a Windows repair service to fix all three functions--and it's the first program to do so.  Its first release in 2011 garnered some interest; PC Mag gave it a 3 out of 5 stars, whereas most of ReImage's customer base on agreed it was an effective program, though it did cause unwanted computer crashes.  As a Windows repair service, however, ReImage fares better than other programs that have tried to do the same thing--most of these knock-offs are in fact scamware in disguise.

What is ReImage?

ReImage is what is called a "Windows repair service," which identifies and treats problems associated with the Windows operating system.  Obviously, it only repairs Windows-specific problems, so if you run a Linux or Mac operating system, you're out of luck here.

To identify possible irregularities, ReImage's algorithm checks several things: missing or damaged Windows files, malware, and issues with the hardware, such as low disk space.  However, it won't identify problems associated with Windows software programs, such as Microsoft Office, so if your computer malfunctions have been created by software, it won't detect it.  That can be an issue.

After a quick scan, ReImage tells you if any irregularities have been found--such as missing Windows files that should be there.  It will then recommend fixing it by removing, replacing, or repairing the offensive content.  Oftentimes it may download additional Windows files to restore your computer's function.  These fixes are only done via Internet connection, however, so if your computer problems make it impossible to connect to the Internet, then you cannot use this service.

As a Windows repair service, ReImage is fairly intensive in its effort to correct Windows-specific problems.  The software is designed to restore Windows to what it looked like when it was first installed--essentially a complete reinstall of the Windows operating system.  The bonus here is that you don't need to reinstall applications or software programs after ReImage fixes the problems; if you reinstalled the traditional way, you would lose all of your applications, software programs, and files.

Drawbacks of ReImage

Any drawbacks associated with ReImage are, ironically, the same features that are considered its strengths.  The biggest complaint is that ReImage can revert deliberate changes to your Windows operating system, which, at the most, can be bothersome.  Some users report seeing shortcuts suddenly reappearing on their desktop after running this program, which were first present when Windows was installed.  If you made any drastic modifications to your operating system after the initial installation, expect them to appear again.

The other issue, not surprisingly, is its cost: one license fee costs $69.95.  This is fairly expensive for repairing software.  But if that wasn't enough, here's the catch: This only pays for a one year subscription.  If you plan to use it for more than a year, you'll need to cough up another $69.95, and perhaps even more if you use it on more than one computer, since the subscription is for a single computer license.

What the Customers are Saying

Despite ReImage's numerous drawbacks, there haven't been many complaints from its customers.  Here's what they had to say:

"It worked "straight out of the box" after downloading and found many problems.  These were fixed in due course.  The program is self explanatory and worked without a hitch even finding a virus and removing it."

"It's not cheap but it works.  Sorts out malware, rootkits, etc., but more importantly replaces dameged DLLs, registry keys, etc., that I would otherwise had zero chance of spotting, let alone fixing."

"It has solved several problems for me which alleviated the need for a technician."

However, it should be noted that it didn't fix computer irregularities for all customers.  Several complaints have been made of it actually worsening their computer problems, causing more crashes and requiring a full operating system reinstall.  These problems appear to be intermittent, however.


As a Windows repair service, ReImage is a double-edge sword--alleviating most Windows problems but in some cases reversing Windows modifications that shouldn't have been removed.  Most customers are pleased with the efficacy of this program, however, earning it a full recommendation.  For a better alternative, consider PC Pandora.
Date Reviewed: March 13, 2012, 1:14 am
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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