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Can start you in the right direction for online employment You get out of it what you put in. Time is money here. You WILL be paid through this company.


You may not make much at first. If your English isn't top notch, you'll be disappointed. Work will be repetitive usually. Recurring charges to use this service


If you are serious about working at home and think you can put the time in to do it, and do it right, try Real Writing Jobs. The only reason I've given it a 6/10 is because many will try and many will quit. There are also negative reviews around about their billing system. I quit I don't know how many well-paying writing jobs over the years before I realized the most important factor. Time. If you have time, you WILL make money.

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I'll tell you right now, the first jobs I ever had on the Internet were crummy writing jobs that paid about a quarter per word. Over the years I think I've learned enough to let you know exactly what a product like this should deliver and compare that to what they actually will. Real Writing Jobs isn't a product per se but instead is a sort of membership site that you will pay to join. Once you're a member, there's a chance you'll be hooked up with various companies that work with Real Writing Jobs and are constantly looking for "content" writers. Can this turn into something more? Maybe.
Let's break down what Real Writing Jobs offers first.

The Ability To Work From Home

Really, this is why you've looked at this product in the first place. You either want to work at home full-time, part-time or just as something extra to do. Some common work-at-home types are stay at home Mothers, part-time employees and students. This presents a very unique opportunity to make money and still be available to do things needed in the home whether it's studying or taking care of a baby.

Set Your Own Hours

This is very appealing to those who don't have normal schedules. Is your peak energy time between 10pm and 4am? Maybe 4am and Noon? These are times where you can rarely find some kind of job at all unless it's a terrible minimum-wage shelf-stocking position. If you like that, that's fine but most people aren't seeking that particular position.

Work Online

This is a bit redundant because of course you want to work online. That's kind of the point.

Earn an Excellent Income

Excellent. That's a hard word to quantify. What's "excellent" for someone who collects disability pay every month guaranteed won't be "excellent" for someone who has to shell out rent and utilities each month with nothing coming in but online work. Can you make a ton of money online? Yes, you can. I myself support a family of six through various online ventures and writing is my #1 source. If I can do it, so can you. Can Real Writing Jobs help? We'll get to that in a bit but it boils down to how much time you are willing to put in each day. Many factors will rise up to prevent you from doing this such as the flu, visiting relatives, annoying neighbors and more.

Pick Topics To Write About

This will draw in many people and I wish it were true in many cases. I was unable to secure a free trial of Real Writing Jobs so it's entirely possible. Most writing sites work like this: You get a list. Choose subjects from that list, then write away. Rarely can you select your own topics. I'm very curious about this line from the official website. If this is true and you join Real Writing Jobs, please let me know.

View New Jobs Every Day

This makes sense as companies come and go in the world of online writing. This offers you a variety of things to do so you don't get bored by repetitive writing. Not sure what that is? Try sitting down and writing 100 articles about dog shoes. It's horrible. A little variety goes a long way in this business.

Actual Feedback About Real Writing Jobs

Renderer (

"...You can make some decent money after you get established doing some simple writing jobs on the site. I've already gotten a few jobs and am now starting to get noticed by more and more companies..."

Things You Should Do Before Trying Real Writing Jobs

Know yourself. Are you a fast typer? Grammar nazi? Have a tendency to type long documents very quickly? Do you like being at home? Did you do well in High School English? Do you have stable Internet? These are very important. Not all of them will apply to you but usually the better you are with the English language, the more you'll qualify for and the more you can potentially make per job.
Are you educated? If you have a specialty of some kind such as US history or some area of medicine, you'll make a killing with Real Writing Jobs or any other site on the Internet that offers similar things. If you type like you're texting your bff Jill from 2nd period in High School, you will make very little, be disappointed and probably tell everyone you know this type of site is a scam.

The Bottom Line

Real Writing Jobs does have the potential to find you a steady stream of income but you have to be able to do two things. You have to pay them upfront to use this service and you have to be able to do the work no matter how boring or how repetitive. This is definitely not for everyone. You won't be writing exciting novels or short stories, you'll probably be describing a blender or something for months until you're more well known and companies ask for you personally. Keep this in mind.

There seems to be some kind of recurring charge to use this service too. Be aware of that and make sure to read the fine print.
Date Reviewed: February 8, 2012, 5:08 pm
Reviewed by Robert Sunset
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