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There is a lot to like about this product. The Reebok RL1500 Elliptical has an outstanding LED display, 10 smart courses, and an aluminium glide track. It seems to have all the bells and whistles and you can save about $968 if you buy it right now.


What kind of workout machine cannot operate longer than 30 minutes? Well, the Reebok RL1500 Elliptical falls under that category. OK, so you can quickly resume your workout with another session but you lose your focus, calorie account, and it is sort of annoying. In addition, the manufacture, Icon Fitness, has a shoddy history with the quality of some of their products. Make sure you test this product well before you make a purchase.


The competition is fierce in this market. You should compare this product with others in its price range. It seems that this is a deal you may not want to walk away from because the price discount is so high. But you can buy decent exercise equipment for less than half this price (something to think about). The Reebok RL1500 Elliptical has many options and it could satisfy two or more people living in the home or that will have access to it. Workout facilities could make sterling use of the Reebok RL1500 El

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Reebok RL1500 Elliptical from Reebok International Limited
Reebok RL1500 Elliptical
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Reebok RL1500 Elliptical detailed information
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Reebok RL1500 Elliptical – Does it Deliver All that it Promises?

The Reebok RL1500 Elliptical is among the leading elliptical trainer machines in the market today. It is designed to strengthen and tone your core and leg muscles in a regular exercise program within the comfort of your home. RL1500 is marketed by Reebok International Limited, the global leader in innovative and high performance sporting goods.

The machine is manufactured by Icon Fitness, which is the same company that manufactures Proform, Nordic Track, Image, Weslo, and Healthrider ellipticals. RL1500 is touted as one of the higher end models in the $700 to $2,000 price range. However, it does not offer much distinctiveness compared to the rest of the machines within the same price bracket.

Product Details

The Reebok RL1500 Elliptical boasts of a 20-inch stride length and aluminum glide track with digital quick resistance and reverse motion. This dual-action machine enables you to experience a full-body workout. It also includes a 6-window LED display that allows you to monitor your progress. Its two fans help you remain cool while you work out allowing you to extend your workout; hence burning more calories. The chest strap and grip pulse sensors allow you to monitor your heart rate. A number of workout options are available through the machine’s 15 built-in Quick programs. 

Features Package

RL1500 elliptical trainer offers a host of features including a higher profile console and 1-Touch resistance that enables you to change the difficulty pertaining to the settings at the touch of a button. The Reverse Motion feature enables you to work separate muscle groups within the same exercise. The dual-action helps you to perform lower and upper body workouts at the same time. The pedals are oversized for extra comfort. User capacity of the machine is 350 lbs. The company provides a one-year warranty for motor, parts, and labor.

Opinion of the Industry Pros

Some experts are of the opinion that Icon Fitness, the manufacturer of Reebok RL1500 elliptical, has a relatively poor reputation for quality. It is known for using low-cost components in a bid to keep the prices low. The machine’s limited warranty is perhaps a reflection of this view. You may also like to note that this product weighs 220 lbs, but claims its maximum user capacity at 350 lbs. Therefore, if you are a larger person, this elliptical machine may not be the best choice for you.

Consumer Response

Many consumers appear to be happy with the Reebok RL1500 and its wide range of product features. Its dual 3-speed fans on the front come in for praise for their effectiveness in keeping the user cool during the workout. The reverse track and the in-built 15 programs, including 10 smart courses, two calorie rate, and three heart rate courses offer a variety of exercise options.

The display and console contribute to the smart and sharp looks, and the overall unit has a solid ergonomic appeal. A minor issue for some consumers is that the machine’s 30-minute limit on the timed program. However, workout sessions do not last longer than 30 minutes for most users, and in any case, you can always start a new program after 30 minutes has expired with a push of a couple of buttons.


The Reebok RL1500 Elliptical is on offer at a whopping discount of 48 percent at You can buy it at a price of $1,031.98 against a list price of $1,999.99. So effectively you can save $968.01. The discount makes it a fairly attractive proposition if you are considering buying an elliptical trainer. The timing seems to be ideal.

Date Reviewed: September 29, 2011, 6:34 pm
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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