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Creates backup files, automatically repairs registry errors, customizes computer startup programs, saves money and possibly time


Price appears to be on the higher side for a 1-year subscription


If you do a lot of work on your computer regularly or even if you only use your computer for personal reasons, it may be worth considering RegCure for an improved PC performance.

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RegCure Registry Cleaner from ParetoLogic
RegCure Review
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RegCure (ParetoLogic Registry Cleaner) Software - REVIEW

Your computer is just like any other machine that requires periodic maintenance and clean-up. To keep your machine in top shape and achieve optimal performance at any given point of time, you need to keep your computer registry up to date. If you have not been performing regular registry clean-ups, chances are that your computer is not giving you the kind of output in terms of speed and efficiency as it is capable of giving.

RegCure software is an automated program to clean up your computer registry, without the need of you having to do it manually. RegCure makes use of advanced technology to analyse your registry for corrupt, obsolete, and missing entries. A number of failed or incomplete installations or uninstallations, spyware apps, disabled drivers and other activities may leave their remnants behind on your registry to make it inefficient. RegCure seeks out all such problems and resolves them automatically.

What will it do for you?

RegCure registry cleaner comes from ParetoLogic, an award winning company. It is a software program that will make your PC faster and more efficient. Your slow PC will be a thing of the past with this program. Time is money; if your computer cannot even keep up with you, your productivity will not be where it should be. Furthermore, the program is compatible with all Microsoft software products and applications.

Registry errors are repaired automatically with RegCure. It creates an automatic backup each time you use RegCure. Therefore, you have a perfect peace of mind regarding all your important stored files, which can be restored anytime. It offers fast and easy access to all the programs that are launched when you start your computer. Applications can be enabled or disabled in the Startup list easily.

Unique Features of RegCure

As the program scans your registry, you can view the scanning in progress. It includes a built-in scheduler, compressing or defragging of registry, scanning for invalid program shortcuts, removing of duplicate files and deletion of invalid class keys. RegCure also checks shell extension, invalid files, invalid fonts, and invalid shared known DLLs.


RegCure Registry Cleaner offers you a free scanning and evaluation of your computer’s registry to look for registry errors. However, for full functionality, you need a licensed version, which sells for $29.97 for 12-month subscription. If your computer is running slow, this investment seems like a no-brainer. It is much cheaper than Geek Squad type service and far cheaper than replacing your laptop or computer entirely.
What are others saying?

It does not matter if you are using your computer for professional or personal reasons. It does not matter if the computer is yours or your child’s. It does not matter if the computer is something you rarely use or something that you use every day. If you are using your computer and it is considerably slow and there is something you can do about then this investment is prudent. If your computer is dragging you down and it takes a long time just to look up major league baseball standings or when a Michael Bay movie begins, then this is negatively impacting your quality of life and probably affecting those around you. In this scenario, buying a new computer would almost be a wise decision or hiring a computer technician. But the latter is too expensive and the former is expensive too and getting someone else involved could just complicate matters. RegCure software has advantages over both these options.

What others are saying?

Third party reviewers are consistently positive in their assessment of RegCure. The reviewer at says: “Before running Regcure it took 3:42 for my laptop to boot up and most programs were sluggish to launch and open. After running Regcure, repairing all the errors, and also going through the start-up manager to remove unnecessary items from the start-up folder I was able to reduce my start-up time to 2:39. Also when opening programs like Internet Explorer, Office, and my anti-virus software it was noticeably faster.”

An actual user at forum expressed satisfaction with the customer service and money back guarantee: “I just bought reg cure last week and my computer died so I asked for a refund and was amazed at the quickness of their customer service. My refund will be posted within 5 days. I have had numerous reply emails that were very helpful. I was very impressed with their customer service and integrity. It is refreshing to do business with a company that stands by their guarantee.”

Date Reviewed: January 4, 2012, 9:31 pm
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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