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Customers have reported having their identities stolen after using this program.


This product is absolutely not recommended.

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Reg Genie from Value-Added Software
RegGenie Review
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RegGenie (Registry Repair Software) - REVIEW

You've probably experienced this before--sudden computer crashes, freezes, or a just a slow, sluggish computer that takes minutes to just load a page.  Anti-virus software won't do; you either don't have any viruses or they've already been removed.  Anti-spyware programs won't work either.

So what's the problem?

Well, it turns out that people experience computer slow down as a result of "build up" in your computer's registry.  Think of the registry as the computer's blueprint.  The computer depends on the registry to run correctly.  However, over time, the deletion of programs, the installation of programs, and just using your computer on a day-to-day basis can cause erroneous information to build up in your registry. 

The solution?  Deleting the entries in your registry that are clogging it up--either manually or with a registry cleaning program.

Chances if you're not a computer guru, you won't know how to delete them, so here comes something that will, called RegGenie. This automated registry cleaning program does all the work for you, from identifying useless entries to removing them completely from the computer.

When this occurs, says RegGenie, your computer will work faster.  Crashes will cease to occur; freezes are just a thing of the past.

What is RegGenie?

As explained above, RegGenie is a registry cleaning program, which means it automatically identifies and deletes registry information that can slow down your computer.

Information that can slow down your computer includes erroneous registry entries--such as broken links or information left by past programs that no longer exist.  Over time, if you let these entries build up, it can take up a lot of the registry's volume.  With just a click of the button, RegGenie identifies them and deletes them.  RegGenie also comes with other features, such as backup restore, which allows you to restore your computer to a previous time, defrag mode, and a personal program manager.

To test drive it yourself, you can download the free trial off, but you can only scan for abnormalities.  To delete them, you'll need to purchase a license, which currently retails for $29.99.

Problems with RegGenie

Upon reviewing some of RegGenie's customer feedback, there was one troubling problem: It didn't work.  It's even been reported to be a rogue software.  Rogue software is a type of software that creates fake threats to scare the person to using the program to remove it.  In some cases, if the rogue software is free, it may prompt users to pay a fee to remove these fictitious baddies.  
If that wasn't enough, several customers have complained of RegGenie installing malware and having their identities stolen.  A couple of customers even had to cancel their credit cards--all because the numbers were stolen right under their noses.  Yikes!

Here's what some of them had to say:

"Rogue software my friend payed for this and it messed up his PC.  And he had to shut his credit card down cause RegGenie was taking his identity and stealing his money."

"Don't downlad this program beacuse this program is make to steal your personal data like pin codes for credit cards, i was victom of this program."

"Do not download this, and certainly don't pay for it unless you want your identity stolen.  Fake.  I'm disgusted it's still here on CNET."
So overall, RegGenie is obviously not popular with customers.


While RegGenie may pass itself off as a legitimate software program, customers indicate this is anything but legitimate.  With several complaints about possible phishing attempts, this software could possibly compromise your security.  That in itself is a huge red flag.  Recommendation: Don't fall for it.  Try something more effective such as PC Pandora.
Date Reviewed: March 5, 2012, 5:44 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
Visit the official site for Reg Genie here...
But as you saw in my review, I don't recommend it.
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