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The software is relatively inexpensive.


This product seems to have just appeared on people's computers and it does not live up to its promises.


RegTOOL Registry Cleaner is not an effective PC software product. In fact, some users are deeming it dangerous to computers.

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RegTOOL Registry Cleaner from PC Utility Inc.
RegTOOL Review
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RegTOOL Registry Scan/Repair Software - FULL REVIEW

RegTOOL Registry Cleaner is a type of computer software that claims to scan, repair and speed up your computer. If you are having registry problems on your desktop or laptop, this software was designed to efficiently and safely clean that corrupted registry.

What is RegTOOL Registry Cleaner?

This software has the ability to work with the following computer issues: slow PC performance, computer freezes, slow boot up speeds, hardware malfunctions, system crashes and error messages. This software program is designed to be used by those on all technology knowledge levels. This program is used by simply clicking your mouse. You do not need to be a computer genius to completely use this software.

This software is able to be used on Windows-based computers. The scans available with this software can be used together or done alone depending in your current needs. You are able to fully customize the scanning process by booting up the software and then clicking the boxes of the scans that you want to run. After choosing the exact scans that you want, you just click the “start scan” button and let the software go to work.

What are users saying about RegTOOL Registry Cleaner?

There are some users reporting that they did not even download this product, but that it “magically appeared” on their computers without their consent or knowledge. Some stated that when they tried to uninstall it that they were unable to and had to take more invasive measures to free their PC of this software.

One person reports that every time she scans her computer she is returned with multiple files stating that they are “Reg tool,” however, she has never downloaded or installed this product. She also states that the Reg tool is telling her that it is expired.

A person states that this software could possibly even damage your computer. He states that it may find risks that are not really risks. He also states that this software suggests that you delete the java and Adobe updater startup entries and disable certain updates. These are not good recommendations and could cause you problems.

One user states that she used the free version of this software and got thousands of errors, problems and glitches that her PC supposedly had. Then, when she scanned with a different software, none of these issues were detected.

A customer states that this software is a fraud and it requires users to continue paying in order to keep it. He also states that this software cannot be uninstalled once you install it onto your computer.

One person states that this software is actually a type of malware in disguise. He states that users will actually have to download additional software to get rid of RegTOOL Registry Cleaner and any associated issues that comes with it.

One person states that this software may crash your computer.

A person says that when she ran his or her anti-virus software that this software came up as malicious. He or she states that the anti-virus software that he or she used was able to successfully quarantine and delete RegTOOL.

One user states that he or she used a different registry cleaning program and that it found over 200 errors and could not remove them. He or she then downloaded RegTOOL and this found thousands of errors and claimed to have fixed and/or removed every one of them. This person feels that RegTOOL did more harm than good and is now trying to figure out what is truly wrong and how to fix it.


This software is rated “dangerous” by It is an ineffective software overall and many users state that it just appeared on their computers without their consent. This software seems to be one that you should avoid.
Date Reviewed: March 18, 2012, 9:33 am
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But as you saw in my review, I don't recommend it.
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