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It contains both a computer optimizer and registry cleaning service, which most registry cleaners do not have.


Two words: Rogue software. Its own customers say it's actually rogue software in disguise.


Skip RegTweaker--it may be a misleading and potentially harmful program.

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RegTweaker (Clean/Optimize Registry Software) - FULL REVIEW

Here's the problem: Your computer runs slower than an 80s Macintosh. It runs as if it's bogged down by something--but you're not sure what it is. Freezes, crashes, or even the dreaded "Blue Screen O' Death" plague your computer. But, a rudimentary anti-malware scan shows you're not infected with anything. So what gives?

Well, it turns out it's something much deeper--something deep within the computer. The problem: Registry build-up, or a build up of erroneous or potentially harmful entries in the registry, the computer's blueprint for running everything. While the computer won't slow down from a couple of erroneous entries, when it builds up over months or years, the entries can total in the hundreds or thousands, bringing your computer to a standstill.

So what do you do? Two options: You remove these entries manually or use a registry cleaning program as a sort of computer master cleanse. As you might have guessed, removing these entries manually is tough--really, only PC pros should attempt this--so your easiest solution here is a registry cleaner.  

And that brings us to our review of RegTweaker, a registry cleaner that promises to do just that.

What is RegTweaker?

RegTweaker is pretty much your standard registry cleaning system--searching, identifying, and removing erroneous entries deep within the computer registry. This isn't something that's necessarily brand new or revolutionary, as registry cleaners have done just that for years.

How RegTweaker differs is that it offers another key feature: optimization.

Normally, registry cleaners only remove erroneous entries, and that's the end of the game.  But this program also allows you to optimize all of your computer processes, ensuring that your computer runs at a faster, more optimal speed.  You also have the option of backing up your computer in case something goes wrong.  Normally, optimization tools are sold separately, and cost extra to use.

But you'll be able to both optimize and clean your computer's registry with this simple program, for $29.95.  It's not a bad deal--it's one of the cheapest optimization tools on the market right now.  Better yet, installing RegTweaker is just a simple Internet download away, with Windows compatibility, ranging from Windows 2000 to Windows 7.

Why RegTweaker Isn't All That Great

While RegTweaker's features may be glitz and glamour for most consumers, there's a catch: It's rogue software.  This is confirmed by a CNET customer, who says, quote for quote: "This is another rogue security program by the same people who develops the programs that it claims to remove."

Rogue software is a term that describes seemingly innocuous software that claims to remove potential computer baddies, but actually may be a baddie itself.  For instance, some pose as legitimate programs that can infect the computer or steal personal information.  Others pose as programs that fictitiously identify bad entries or programs, and then promise to clean it out--once you pay full price for the program.  

It appears in this scenario, RegTweaker may be the latter, creating fictitious entries as a way to entice people to buy its product.  It's a sneaky tactic, but it gets people desperate and willing to buy.  There are even instructions on the Internet explaining how to remove RegTweaker--something you wouldn't find from a safe, legitimate product.  And this fact alone makes RegTweaker a risky purchase.


We'll leave this short and sweet: Buying this program wouldn't be a good idea.  Certainly, if it were a legitimate program, which hasn't been rumored to infect computers by its own customers, it would be recommended, but this isn't the case here. 

Recommendation: Choose a different registry cleaning program such as WiseFixer  that doesn't have "rogue" attached to its reputation.
Date Reviewed: March 9, 2012, 1:02 am
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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But as you saw in my review, I don't recommend it.
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