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You can sample the program by first using its free-to-try, trial version, which will scan your computer for vulnerabilities.


This program has been labeled "malware" by Microsoft and Symnatec. There have been numerous customer complaints about Registry Easy actually slowing down, not speeding up, computer performance.


Registry Easy is not recommended.

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Registry Easy from Qiwang Computer
Registry Easy Review
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Unbiased Review of "Registry Easy" (

Problems such as computer freezing, crashing, or slowdown are often the cause of malicious malware--think spyware, adware, trojans, or even computer-destroying viruses.  But what if a virus scan shows that you're completely malware free, or you've already removed these baddies?

Chances are, your computer problems may have to do with something called the computer registry, an essential blueprint for your PC's operability.

Here's the thing: Over time, a computer can build up erroneous entries in this registry, which, some experts suspect, can interfere with computer performance.  Some erroneous entries are made by legitimate programs; others are scraps left by dangerous malware.  

If you're computer savvy, all you need to do is identify and delete the offending entries.  However, if you're not a technical savant, then deleting the appropriate entries can become too difficult--or too dangerous--to do; deleting just one wrong entry has the potential for crashing your operating system.

Registry Easy, a registry cleaner software program, says you won't have to get your hands dirty for a faster, more efficient PC, however.  The program is designed to do all of the work of a computer expert--searching, identifying, and deleting any erroneous registry entries.  

Using the scanning portion of the program is free--in fact, there's a downloadable, free-to-try program on to delete these entries, you'll need to pay $34.95.  Some argue it's worth the price, if you're getting a faster and more efficient PC.

How Registry Easy Works

Registry Easy, like most registry cleaners, works by identifying erroneous entries in the computer's registry.  It does this with its own program, designed to thoroughly check each registry entry for potential issues, such as broken links, missing file references, or incorrect entries.

From there, it goes through all of the entries and then makes a note of it--not fixing it right away, but noting that it exists.  Once the scan is complete, Registry Easy then tells users which entries should be deleted to improve computer performance.

All of this sounds simple, and it is, to ensure even the most novice computer users can use this program.  Scanning is just a click of a button, as well as removing offending entries.

Issues With Registry Easy

What was explained above is what Registry Easy says it will do.  The keyword here is, of course, on "says."  However, a rudimentary search of its reviews on spins a very different tale about this registry cleaning software.

For example, numerous customers complain that Registry Easy actually ruined their computer's operability--that's obviously not what it was intended to do.  Others complain that it actually made the computer slower, not faster, which may suggest it may harbor its own malware.

One customer writes: "After searching the web for a Registry Cleaner (as I was told a good cleaner will resolve 99% of the run time errors). I dropped about $40 on this one for a 1-year subscription.  It found over 2000 items to fix.  However, since installing and running it, my PC has bogged way down.  My desktop takes much longer to load after boot up."

Another one simple says: "It didn't catch and fix all of the registry problems the first time (or after 4 successive scans).  Instead of speeding up my computer, it slowed it down 100-fold."

To make matters even worse, Symnatec and Microsoft have both identified Registry Easy as malware.  Microsoft says that it creates fictitious errors, prompting users to fix it by either downloading or paying for the product.  It may also claim certain files or registry entries should be removed, when in fact they are completely safe.


If you haven't guessed it already, Registry Easy contains numerous flaws, errors, and potential issues that have led Microsoft and Symnatec to label it "malware."  Numerous customer complaints only prove the legitimacy of this label.  As a registry cleaner, Registry Easy is definitely not recommended.  There are much better registry and computer cleaning tools out there like WiseFixer.
Date Reviewed: March 5, 2012, 11:14 am
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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But as you saw in my review, I don't recommend it.
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