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Registry Fix delivers exactly what it promises, absolutely nothing more.


This software feels like the slacker of registry repair packages. It does exactly what it is supposed to do and then stops, there are no little extras.


This package is perfectly acceptable and would be a good choice for beginning users. There isn't much to have to think about and only a few functions to choose from.

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Registry Fix Review
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Registry Fix ( REVIEW - How does it really stack up?

Every Windows-based system keeps track of itself with the help of the registry, a place where all programs, device drivers and other essential files are cataloged by the system. Over time, installing, upgrading and uninstalling these files can lead to problems with data integrity in the registry. As Windows struggles to figure out what is going on internally, your system slows to a crawl. Eventually, the system may crash or experience significant errors.

Registry Fix is one of the many programs designed to automate the repair of your damaged registry. It claims to scan for problems related to ActiveX controls, Windows Explorer, Windows Installer, Internet Explorer and Outlook, as well as a wide range of system files like DLLs and SVCHOST. The software’s website even offers a free scan, intended to identify the problems currently affecting your system and sell you the option of fixing them. The interface is simple, with one big red button toward the bottom that invites you to scan for problems. As an added bonus, the software can backup your registry before making any changes – this is a great feature for any software package that alters system data..

Real Users Like Registry Fix

“For our Registry Fix review we ran a test scan with the program. The scan runs quickly and we felt that it did a good job. The only hesitation we have is that the scan seems to be a bit overzealous. It found more bad entries than Registry Mechanic and RegCure, but we felt that some of these entries did not necessarily have to be removed from the computer. This is a slight cause for concern, as the program might end up removing important entries from your PC.” ~Rick Caroll

“I’ve used this product for more than a year, it does detect many errors (although not as many as some other registry cleaners) and what I like about it is that it provides detailed information about the error so that one knows exactly what one is deleting to make an informed decision. It also makes it possible to make a compressed backup of the entire registry (and to restore it). Not the best program perhaps but not a scam.” ~Larrydee, User at

“This is one of those programs that we would recommend to our mother, just because of its ease of use and ability to come through where you need it. Not only that, but Registry Fix has some excellent customer service options for its owners, a definite plus in our book.”

Registry Fix is Ok

Registry Fix is one of those software packages that does what it claims, but that’s about it. Users are pleased with it, there is no doubt, and the interface is simple and clean. It is designed for the basic or casual computer user in mind, so there’s plenty of reason for its basic functionality. It fixes more problems than it causes, and even has a way of toggling Browser Helper Objects – sometimes those little boogers can cause real problems and can be very difficult to uninstall.

The strength of this program is also its downfall. Registry Fix is not one of those pieces of software that makes you glad you bought it. It just sort of lays there like day-old Jell-o, being perfectly functional but generally unexciting. More advanced packages are available, many run much more quickly and check more items as a matter of course. They are also produced by software companies that have more than one title under their belt.

There are no specific complaints about the software itself, or the customer support – this is a perfectly acceptable piece of software. It’s not harmful or packed full of viruses. At the end of the day, Registry Fix is a determined, unsexy workhorse.
Date Reviewed: March 22, 2012, 10:00 pm
Reviewed by Kristi Waterworth
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