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It comes with a free, downloadable trial, which allows you to scan for potential vulnerabilities in the computer's registry.


Get ready to pay up--the full version costs $34.95, and you can't treat most of the treats without it. There are also reports of entire operating systems crashing from its use.


Due to the potential dangers associated with this product, Registry Winner is not recommended.

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Registry Winner from Registry Winner
Registry Winner Review
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Registry Winner ( REVIEW - Here's what real PC users think...

When nasty spyware, adware, and sneaky viruses aren't enough, there's more that can slow down your computer--namely, the buildup of unnecessary entries into your computer's registry.  At any given time, a computer can contain thousands of broken or unnecessary registry entries, which, some experts suggest, can reduce computer performance. 
Although it is possible to remove them by hand, most people won't, as they don't possess the technical skills to do so.  But don't fret just yet--a program called Registry Winner says it can remove these entries quickly and efficiently.

What is Registry Winner?
Registry Winner is what is described as a registry cleaner--a program that searches, identifies, and deletes troublesome entries in your computer's registry.  Erroneous entries are created by legitimate or malware-containing applications; a quick virus scan will show if malware is behind your computer's poor performance.  Some malware insert their own code into the registry to make it harder to remove, and thus, some experts say, necessitates the need for a registry cleaner, such as Registry Winner.

To find erroneous entries, Registry Winner, like all registry cleaners, looks for discrepancies in the registry that just don't add up.  It may search for invalid entries, or entries that contain invalid links or missing file references.  Once these discrepancies are identified, Registry Winner reports them to the computer user, and then, if given permission, removes the offending entries.

Unfortunately, if you want to remove these entries, you need to pay a fee.  Registry Winner, like other registry cleaners, is not free; its "full" version costs around $35.00.  You can download its trial version for free, but that only allows you to scan for potential vulnerabilities.

Issues with Registry Winner
If you're not in tune with the world of computers, you're probably unaware that registry cleaners themselves are ridden with controversy and suspicion.  In fact, these programs remain one of the most debated topics among computer and spyware experts; some argue that it's worth the purchase, whereas others thinks it's useless.  The computer world remains divided about this topic.

With that said, there are signs that Registry Winner itself may be rogue software.  Rogue software is software which "discovers" fake threats on the computer, which, in no surprise, requires the full purchase of the software to remove.  Some experts classify this software as malware, so watch out.

Members of various malware forums report that Registry Winner reports fake threats on the computer, which are used to entice users to buy its program.  One member writes: "It is malware that gives fake threats and then tricks users into purchasing to fix the 'problems.'"

To complicate matters, Registry Winner's own customers say it increased, not decreased, their computer problems.  One customer writes: "This killed my vista 64 if it was not for the backup i would have to have reformated my disk.  It wiped out the fonts."
Another customer also experienced the same malfunction.

"This is the only register cleaner that as ever ruined my pc," writes user stewiebee123.  "I am running vista x64 and used this once never again had to completely re-install my operating system.  Contacted the software company who said they would look into my complaint so far after 10 days heard nothing."

All in all, this paints a bad portrait for a registry cleaner that says it improves, not destroys, computer operability.

If it hasn't been clear from the review, then let's make it clear now: Registry Winner may be rogue software.  Customers have reported that computers have crashed from its use.  Some had to completely re-install their operating systems.  This is not good--and this is why it is not recommended.
Date Reviewed: March 5, 2012, 10:36 am
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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But as you saw in my review, I don't recommend it.
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