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You can learn most of this over time. People may yell at you for figuring out their hiding places


This is a great guide for BF3 players of all skill levels. If I didn't have months under my belt already, I'd pick it up right now. I spent ages figuring out where certain areas were on maps for sniping. This will absolutely improve your Kill/Death ratio and make you a better player.

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Relik BF3 Guide Review
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Review of the Relik BF3 Guide by a veteran BF player

Before we get to the meat of this review let me tell you a little about my history with the Battlefield franchise. I bought Battlefield 2 the day it came out. I played this game for months religiously. I mastered every class, every vehicle and was one of the top BF2 players in every game whether it was regular, armor or spec force. I also got to alpha test Battlefield 3 and have been playing it since it came out.

Now that you know I'm a BF3 player, and not a casual one, we can dig into this Relik Guide for BF3 and see whether or not it's something beneficial for various skill levels or if it's just a waste of money. The BF3 Relik Guide comes with quite a lot of information and by that I mean everything you could ever want to know whether to become more skilled in the game or to just have some interesting things to read. That might sound unusual but hardcore gamers will read about specific games just for fun, even if they've mastered it already. Combine this with BF3 Premium to become the best of the best.

Here's what comes in the Relik Battlefield 3 Guide:

Strategy Guides: These are sorted into categories such as Beginner Guide, Multi-Player Strategy and Class guides and looking through some of them, I've already noticed some things that you'll only learn through experience otherwise. In many cases this "experience" will be your teammates mocking you and hurling insults until you figure it out. Certain ways to approach objectives, using cover effectively and basic teamwork skills are all covered here pretty well. I tend to play BF3 in my own style of madness but these guides will show you how to really be a team leader and actual asset to your team instead of just "that stupid noob" who is always being killed.

Skill Guide: This is my favorite feature of the Relik BF3 Guide to be honest. This section actually breaks down various people's style of gameplay and shows you how they work and don't work. Every style of play has a weakness. That sniper? You can flank him or run him down with a vehicle, annoying medic? Take him out before he keeps helping his team. This part of the guide also breaks down various weapons and attachments and can help you decide on the perfect selection for any particular map or game mode. This section rocks.

Campaign Guide: I'll admit, I've never even clicked the single-player button once. Sure you get a nice gameplay experience with the BF3 story and such but this game is primarily built around the Multi-Player. After reading this section over, maybe I'll finally do it. It sounds like fun and there is a co-op mode.

Map Strategies: The Relik BF3 Guide really goes the extra mile in this area. All the maps are fully laid out for you with various routes and objectives highlighted. Ever wonder how that sniper gets to an area that seems impossible to reach? Now you'll know.

Member Blog: When you get the Relik BF3 Guide you get instant access to the member's area. I only got to preview a couple areas so I'm not 100% sure what's in there. I would assume advanced tactics guides, more hints and tips and things like that.

Vehicle Training: If you've ever hopped in a jet in any BF game, you know what this means. You're going to head right into that mountain and die. This guide teaches you basic vehicle skills and can turn you from a kamikaze fireball into a valuable flying death machine. No kidding.

Here's a short video showing a little bit of what you'll get:

Video showcasing features of the Relik BF3 Guide
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"This was my first time playing a Battlefield game and it has really helped me understand the game and I'm actually becoming pretty good quicker then I thought."

Tony: Recon Class 

The strategies and tips in the guide are all nicely balanced to reflect the subtle differences that arise from playing on either 360PS3, or PC. There aren't any strategies that are specific to any one platform, so it's nice to be able to use Relik's strategies regardless of what system you are using."


Overall Impressions

As a veteran player of this series, I typically wouldn't recommend using a guide because you can eventually figure all this out on your own but that can be said for any game ever made. If you're looking for something that will help you become a better player in every aspect, this is the perfect guide. This would be extremely useful for someone who has spent the last couple years playing COD and is used to that style of play instead of the BF style. It's quite different and this guide would absolutely help you make that transition.

Who else would like this? New players. New to the franchise or just new to this style of game in particular. It honestly sucks to be yelled and screamed at by your "team" simply because you're learning. With this guide, you'll have some knowledge under your belt and before you know it, you'll have a great K/D ratio and become a game MVP.

Date Reviewed: February 2, 2012, 11:03 am
Reviewed by Robert Sunset
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