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I did not see anything wrong with this program.


I do feel this is a good program, and I would buy it if I were in need of new mediation recording. I have some by another company and when those need to be replaced, I will be back here.

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Remote Viewing from The Unexplained Store
Remote Viewing By Unexplainable Store
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"Remote Viewing" Brainwave Audio by the Unexplainable Store - REVIEW

The Unexplained Store has a nice package of Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones, which will help you, discover your abilities in Remote Viewing. These recordings are designed to help you reach the Theta state of mind easily, so that you can begin to experience this form of psychic power.

When using these tones and beats its best to use a pair of headphones. The music plays the same in both sides, but the right ear hears the beast and tones differently, this makes your head hear a different tone, which enables you to get to that coveted Theta state.

While in the Theta state of mind remote viewing happens, and images will begin to form in the mind. You will not see images clearly as you would see on your television. The viewer will see symbols, which can be drawn or verbally described.

With these Remote Viewing recordings you begin in the Alpha State, transcend into the Theta State and near the end of the recording you are brought back to the Alpha state so you are relaxed and alert at the end of the recording. It is best to use these recordings in the comfort of your home where you are safe while you are viewing.

What is remote viewing?
People who use Remote Viewing have the ability to see events, items and people in locations, which are miles away. It is like a person relaxing in my living room in Pennsylvania and seeing what is going on at a location on the Africa desert without the use of a web cam or any other technology. The person doing the remote viewing can describe what is going on and can even draw what they see on paper. For some people this ‘gift’ comes naturally, but other people have to study in order to understand it.

This technique has been used for many decades, even by the United States government. The US News and World Report site published an article on 1/19/2003, which shows how the United States government used different remote viewers to see inside a Chinese Nuclear Complex. The program was scrapped in the 1990’s but it is well documented.

In what is in the program?
When you buy this program, you will receive a thirty-minute recording that will help you get to the desired Theta State of consciousness easily. You have a choice of Binaural Beats or Isochronic Tones, which are delivered, instantly to your computer. You can also get the Isochronic Tones on a CD as well as the instant download

An possible buy is the Super Psychic Package deal. In this package, you receive recordings, which will help you unleash your ESP and Telepathy abilities as well as the Remote Viewing abilities.

My thoughts
I do believe in the possibility of remote viewing but have never experienced it. I would like to experience this someday.

I do know the value of mediation while using the beats and tones used. My mother in law introduced me to the Metaphysical world back in the 80s through guided mediations using tones and beats.

I believe this Remote Viewing program by the Unexplained Store will help anyone find that which he or she seeks.

What customers are saying
Angel Traveler who wrote about her experiences with this store on her Squidoo Lens had nice things to say about. She reported that the first time she listened to the recording she felt herself relaxing. That feeling caught her off guard, as she states she is tense most times.

Angel Traveler stated she had almost given up on controlling her stress levels but the recordings from the store helped her immensely. She encouraged those people who read her lens to try the beats and tones.
Date Reviewed: March 4, 2012, 1:17 pm
Reviewed by Amy Browne
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This Squidoo lens talks about mediating with beats and tones found in the Unexplained Store.
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