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Klean Kanteen goes lighter, colder, and easier Nalgene- Cheap and durable


Nalgene- bulky, plastic and warm Klean Kanteen- more expensive


Klean Kanteen gets my vote.

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Nalgene & Klean Kanteen from Nalgene and Klean Kanteen
Reusable Water Bottles Review
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Hydration is key!
Living on a college campus I have realized that oftentimes I have become dehydrated, simply because I have forgotten to drink water, or because it is inconvenient. The simple solution to this problem is to carry water with me wherever I go. But the question arose, as to which bottle was best.

Nalgene is a classic choice when it comes to reusable and portable drinking water. The typical Nalgene holds 32 oz. of water, which is plenty to remain hydrated on the go. Nalgene also offers 20 oz, 24 oz, and 12 oz, options. A major downfall to the 32 oz. Nalgene is that it gets heavy. 32 oz. of water will significantly add to the weight of a backpack or satchel. Even though the Nalgene is heavy and hard to carry it rarely needs to be refilled because it holds so much water. 

A wide mouth Nalgene is fairly easy to drink out of, however; if ice is put into the bottle, water may splash or spill while drinking due to ice falling. For this reason, Nalgene also offers as narrow mouth version of their classic bottles. Also, Some people may dislike that the cap is leashed to the bottle making it difficult to drink if the lid is not held down while drinking. However; Nalgene does offer a wide variety of bottles with all sorts of lids, mouths and shapes and sizes. 

Nalgenes are virtually indestructible, making a 10 dollar purchase a potentially life long investment. 

Klean Kanteen

Klean Kanteen is the stereotypical stainless steel water bottle company. Stainless steel has its positives, thats for sure! Klean Kanteens come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, the largest at a whopping 64 oz. and the smallest 12 oz. Again the water put into a 64 oz bottle can be very heavy but, the simplest and most popular of Klean Kanteens is the 27 oz. bottle. Unlike the Nalgene the Klean Kanteen may need to be refilled once or twice a day.Eiteher way, you will remain hydrated. 

One of the biggest up sides to the Klean Kanteen is that it is made of stainless steel. This material keeps the liquid inside cold or hot depending on how it was but in the bottle. Where as a Nalgene does not do well with hot liquids, a Klean Kanteen can easily hold coffee or tea, giving the Klean Kanteen more versatility than the Nalgene. Unlike the Nalgene the Kanteen is not indestructible, little dents and dings may arise from normal use, but any major damage has yet to be seen.

Reusable Drinking Bottle

Because both of these options are reusable, they must be washed. Both are dishwasher safe, but from the Nalgene website, the Nalgene is, "Dishwasher safe away from the heating element." This may mean that the Nalgene could get too hot inside the dishwasher. From personal experience this is not a large concern, but still may want to be marked down.

The Klean Kanteen website says that, "Colored bottles may need to be hand washed." Hand washing this bottle may be more time consuming but, like the Nalgene in the dishwasher, this has never been a real concern. 


Klean Kanteen is my favorite because of its slender design and cooling capabilities. The Nalgene gets bulky and warm throughout the entire day. (it also doesn't fit in a normal cup holder!) For daily hydration on the go and in your normal routine, the Klean Kanteen is extremely portable, keeps cool and is easy to fill, drink from and take with you on the go.

Both are solid options but the Klean Kanteen wins out because of its slender frame and cool drink keeping. On a hot summer day I will take a Klean Kanteen with me anywhere
Date Reviewed: May 8, 2012, 2:25 pm
Reviewed by lynchbrian25
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