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If you are keen or interested to learn about mind reading tricks, The Revelation Effect appears to be a fair choice at an affordable price. What separates a star performer though from a normal person is not only this mind reading understanding but their charismatic ability to shine and communicate; this product will not give you that.

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The Revelation Effect from The Revelation Effect
Revelation Effect Review
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The Revelation Effect (Mentalism / Mind Reading Tricks) REVIEW

The Revelation Effect is a unique mentalism instructional video that teaches mind reading tricks. It is available to instant online download. The product aims to equip you with proven techniques or tricks that can help you read the minds of others, or convince others of real mind reading. Magicians, psychic performers, and celebrity illusionists have traditionally made use of such tricks to make a powerful impact on the minds of their audience. The product claims to teach you those same tricks that you can perform with ease anytime, anywhere.

The company that sells this video does not disclose its identity on its official website. It is also not clear whether the product has been created, designed, or endorsed by any reputed mind reading trick performers or experts. The company claims that the product is equally useful for beginners as well as those who have prior experience and knowledge of mind reading tricks.


The Revelation Effect teaches you an ingenious way of revealing a secret or private thought inside the mind of any person or spectator of your choosing. The product equips you with the ability to simply walk up to someone totally impromptu and without any prior set-up, and manage to tell them what they are thinking of. That makes it the easiest, fairest, and most straightforward trick to read someone’s mind.

The company claims that its method of teaching this mind reading trick is so good that you can learn it simply within 15 minutes. The trick can be performed before a single person, many persons, or even in crowd where you are surrounded by a lot of people. It is an age-old mind reading trick, but the video-based teaching methodology gives it a contemporary look. The video has been filmed and edited by a professional studio with excellent visuals to make your learning an enjoyable experience.


When you purchase this online video, you will receive three bonuses from the company. The first is a mind reading trick with a pack of cards worth $12. The second is a Psychological Opener trick worth $7. The third bonus is a Q and A Secret Discussion worth $17. This discussion will help you address all the queries that observers will usually ask when you perform the mind reading trick.

Once you buy this product and understand everything about does not mean that much. Do not drive to Las Vegas, or fly, and bet your house in a high stakes poker game thinking you are high caliber poker player with the ability to read other peoples’ minds and all of a sudden you are an elite poker player. It is not that simple. If this product helps you improve your card game or do some tricks at your children’s birthday parties, outstanding. 


The product is sold at a price $29.95. It is available through instant online download. The company offers a 10-day 100 percent Money Back Guarantee on your purchase.

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The official website of The Revelation Effect lists several positive customer testimonials. However, no independent customer reviews are available about this product elsewhere, which makes it difficult to evaluate the unbiased customer experience regarding this product. For this reason, the product has been given a rating of 7/10, even though it appears to be a fairly good mind reading trick.

Date Reviewed: November 27, 2011, 4:50 pm
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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