Coca-Cola 28-Can-Capacity Portable Fridge
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Review Koolatron Coca Cola Fridge From: Koolatron

This is a really good looking piece, especially for Coca-Cola fans.

It's a bit overpriced and doesn't really get as cold as most would like.

All in all, it's a great display or collectible piece but not as good performance-wise as other cheaper fridges if all you're going for is cooling.

Koolatron Coca-Cola 28-Can Fridge: Great Display Piece but Less Great as a Fridge

While a mini refrigerator like this would not be something I would buy for my home, I can see the lure of one for a variety of reason and decided to look and see what is out there.  I came across this Coca-Cola fridge with LED display and thought it was cute so I wanted to learn more.  Many of my friends are into sports and they tailgate with their friends and family and I would like to help them find a mini fridge for this purpose.  This fridge holds twenty eight cans of soda or other canned beverage which seems like an odd number to me.  A case is twenty four cans but I guess if you have a couple left over cans they can be kept cold too. 

The Price

The price of the Koolatron portable fridge is a bit higher than some of the others on the market and I think that may be due to the Coke branding.  For the close to one hundred and fifty dollars that this fridge sells for you should be able to use this everyday and not just for the times when you are camping or tailgating.  Also, since it takes nearly eight hours for the fridge to reach its coolest temperatures, it may not be the best for tailgating either.  You can hook this up to your vehicle’s AC outlet with the adapter that is included but then you have to get it going the night before the party or before you head out camping.  To, me this seems too high a price for such a poor working unit.

What is Cool About This Fridge

Now there is something to be said for having a groovy little fridge that has Coke emblazoned all over it.  Coke is a famous brand name that is known all over the world and the bright shade of red is also synonymous for the product.  I just do not think that the price is really worth the colorful packaging and it may have been better for the manufacture to put more effort and money into the actual unit rather than the branding.  After all, a silver mini fridge that works is much better than a fancy red one that turns into a fancy and expensive shelf because it does not operate any longer. Instead, you might choose a nifty in-car cooler instead.

Product Details

  • Countertop or Portable Use
  • Front Door
  • LED Temperature Readout
  • Self Locking Handle
  • Adjustable Temperature

Why I Would Not Recommend This Unit

I cannot honestly say that I would ever tell any of my friends to buy this even for the purpose of tailgating.  The cost is just not worth it when it would only be used a few times a year if it even continued to work that long.  Those who are Coke product collectors would definitely find something great in it because of the branding, not the quality of the actual fridge.  I would recommend another product that has the stability and quality workmanship that would allow for long term use.  Since it takes so long to cool down, it does not seem worth it to even use it on a part time basis.

Do Others Like This Product?

Le Enfant does, “Pros: Adjustable Shelving, Space For Tall Items, Attractive Design, Quiet, Door Shuts Securely
Cons: Leaks
Keeps drinks cold.
Nice push button controls.
Leaks if door is not pushed tight.
good for large baby bottles or formula containers.
Major problem after 48 hrs fridge needs to be turned off.
Overall I'm happy with the product”
Hotstuff did not, “I loved the way it looks. I plugged it in and let it run for 48 hours. I had it set to 2c which is ideal for cool cans of Coca Cola. But the lowest it would cool was to 11c. Thats comes out to about 53 f. I don't know about you, but I like my drinks cold. Dont know if this is just one bad one. But is doesn't do it for me. I called Home Depot and they were really nice. Told me to take it back to any store and my money would be refunded. Great service. But this is not a good product..”


When all is said and done, anyone who purchases this soda/can fridge is simply paying for the Coca-Cola name and for a fridge that can be used for any length of time.  They do not last and can even break down in a couple of months.  If you really want to have a Coke fridge that looks cool and that you can use as a conversation piece then you could buy this one and be perfectly happy.  If you want a small fridge for your office, tailgate parties or camping, look further, this one is not the one for you.

Date Reviewed: May 28, 2012, 6:50 pm
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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Monkibyte i like the review it gave use information and particular veiwpoint that helped in my own iewpoint of recerch on this product as a useful apliance and a decorative namebrand peice. monkibyte Rating
Mon, March 03, 2014 8:22PM • By: monkibyterssreport user
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