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Review Pkolino Toddler Bed From: P‘kolino

This is a neat little bed that converts to a chair as well for your toddler.

It's not easy to convert back and forth between bed and chair often. You pretty much need to pick one and keep it that way.

It's a decent, sturdy toddler bed that will go with any current decor and lasts long with frequent toddler use.

Is the P‘kolino Toddler Bed and Chair a Good Choice?

Getting furniture for your kids can be a real hassle sometimes. I have five kids from 13 to 5 months and trying to get the best furniture for everyone that works but also that doesn’t take up the entire room or break easily can be challenging. We’ve gotten furniture before thinking we could pass it on down to the next child but it never lasted that long. So we’ve learned that sometimes you need to pay a little more and get better quality. I was looking for a new bed set for my second to youngest and I came across this one and wanted to learn more.

As babies grow up they can grow out of their cribs but they are not quite ready for a full sized bed. I had this same problem with strollers until I found one that was tandem and suited for different ages. These beds seem so big and there is a chance of the toddler falling out of it in the middle of the night and hurting themselves.  This convertible bed has built in rails so they are not in any danger of falling out.  Also, since it uses a crib mattress, it is not so big that a child feels lost in it and they can comfortably go from the crib to this more comfortable bed.  You can even use the mattress from their crib that they have outgrown so they feel more comfortable.

Assembly Is Required

When this bed is shipped to you, it does require assembly but if you have already put together a crib, then you should have no problem getting the bed together.  It is made from wood and has detail instructions to help with the assembly process.  The mattress does not come with this bed but if you find that your baby’s mattress needs to be changed out, you can purchase one quite easily at any baby supply store or department store in your area.

Product Features

  • Converts From Chair to Bed and Back Again
  • Compact Size
  • Side Rails
  • Constructed From Wood
  • Meets all International Standards

What is Good About This Bed

One of the best aspects of this bed is the price which is affordable for most families.  You will not pay anymore than you did for the crib your baby used to sleep in.  It is designed to have a bright painted finish and it comes in different colors to match the dĂ©cor of your toddler’s room.  When your child grows out of the bed and transitions into a twin bed, you can use this bed as a full time chair and it can either be left as it or painted to match the new room design. 

It Is Not Perfect

There are some issues with this bed that may give you pause for concern as it did me.  One of the biggest issues is that the headboard is short so there can be a problem with the child bumping their head on it.  The rails sit at the middle of the bed in order to keep the toddler from falling out of it but this may cause some difficulty getting in and out of bed.  It may take some time for the child to get used to this but the safety feature is well worth it.  One of the other problems is that it does not convert from bed to chair as easily as claimed.  There are a couple of screws that need to be taken out with a screw driver so this makes it less convertible in my book.  I need something that is easier than that but for those who only plan on using it as a chair once the child has outgrown the bed this may not be a problem.


While a convertible bed that goes to chair is a great idea, if it is not easy to switch back and forth then it is basically a bed that can grow with the child into a chair.  For the price this is not a bad thing since it has a weight capacity of two hundred pounds this means that my child could conceivably use it for many years to come.  I would recommend this to families who want to upgrade from a crib to a toddler bed but not to those who want the ease of the convertibility feature.

What Mothers Say

HoustonMom says, “This is an adorable toddler bed. Our son loves it and adjusted immediately to sleeping in it. I think it helped that the rails are in the middle of the bed instead of at one end or the other because our son got used to sleeping in his crib at the ends. If the rails were only one side, I could see him falling out. It would be almost impossible with this design. Also, although the directions for assembly weren't great, we were very impressed with the company's customer service. One of our pieces of wood had a crack, and the company quickly agreed to send us a replacement part.”
Jadore Lydia states, “I love this bed, and best yet my son loves this bed as well (we have it in orange which adds a great punch of color without being too overbearing.) I had set it up as a chair first for him when he was 1 year old and still in his crib and it stayed in his room that way for about a year until he was ready for his toddler bed, and we've not looked back since.”
Date Reviewed: May 28, 2012, 6:49 pm
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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