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Natural ingredients - you have to be partial to that information


No scientific studies or data is available to back up the companyís claims about the product


If you are looking for topical treatments for psoriasis, try this cream in consultation with your physician. If you do not want to wait that long and you are not taking any prescription drugs for your psoriasis, then Dermasis could help you cope with this disease.

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Dermasis from Revitol
Revitol Dermasis Review
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Dermasis Psoriasis Cream (by Revitol) - What are customers saying?

Dermasis Psoriasis Cream by Revitol helps to soothe and moisturize the affected skin, while reducing symptoms such as scaling and flaking that are usually associated with psoriasis. The company claims that the treatment is equally effective for eczema patients too. The company, Revitol, was founded in 2002 and has earned a name for itself in the business of beauty and health. Revitol is a member of the Natural Products Association, as most of its products are based on all-natural ingredients.

Only Two Countries

Dermasis is not an FDA-approved medication for psoriasis. The company does not claim Dermasis to be a miracle cure for psoriasis. It only helps to reduce the symptoms and provide temporary relief for the patient. The product is currently available only in the United States and Canada.


Psoriasis is a serious skin affliction with no cure in modern medicine. It can cause major physical discomfort and aesthetic problems for the patients. Dermasis psoriasis cream by Revitol is a unique formulation that can help to smoothen and moisturize psoriasis afflicted skin.

For some people this is a dream come true. It is like someone is looking out just for them. A disease like this can make someone have self-esteem problems and look at aspects with a negative viewpoint. This is an annoying and bothersome disease, sort of like having a constant sunburn. Anyone who has had a sunburn knows how miserable that can be. It can affect your sleep and even be highly discomforting when you are just sitting down on a couch and watching a sporting event. Well, Dermasis psoriasis cream by Revitol can help people live with psoriasis, manage the irritation, and focus on other their academics or professional objectives. Without a product like this, some people are pretty much dead in the water.

Skin areas that have become reddish, thick, dry and flaked can be revitalized with this cream. The cream can reduce itching and irritation on the skin to provide physical relief. If you experience serious flaking and scaling of skin due to psoriasis, Dermasis can help to control this condition as well.


Natural ingredients in Dermasis cream include palm oil to preserve and protect the external layer of the affected skin. The cream also contains Vitamin E acetate that helps to enhance the moisture levels of the skin. It contains tea tree oil, which is a natural ingredient used traditionally to nourish the skin and make it healthier. Dermasis also contains 2 percent salicylic acid that works as a stimulant to shed dead cells from the skin and promotes skin renewal.


If you are already taking other treatments for psoriasis, you should consult your physician before using Dermasis treatment. During usage if you find any adverse change or skin reaction, discontinue use immediately. This treatment is not a substitute for medical treatments for psoriasis.

What Others are Saying

General reviews about Dermasis psoriasis cream are roundly positive, and vouch for the productís effectiveness in providing relief from this serious skin condition. However, actual customer reviews reveal a divided opinion about the product. Some customers call it a scam, while others are very satisfied with the results. Revitol actually produces a number of health and beauty products with varying degrees of similar reviews.

Date Reviewed: November 5, 2011, 5:47 pm
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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