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Revitol Eye Cream from Revitol
Revitol Eye Cream
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Revitol Eye Cream REVIEW - Can it really rid those dark circles?

The eyes are the windows to the soul.
Or the mirrors, perhaps, or the index of the mind.
Whichever quote you choose - the eyes have it.
But as we all know the skin around our eyes may reveal more than we would wish, about our age, our lifestyle, how late we stayed up last night.
How long we have spent on the computer.
And one of the most intractable problems is those persistent dark circles.
Even if you were so inclined, surgery can't fix dark circles and puffy eyes.
So what are the other options?
Revitol Eye Cream is one.
It can reduce dark under-eye circles, puffiness and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Contrary to popular opinion, these dark circles and bags under the eyes are not primarily caused by being tired or stressed, or even environmental factors such as exposure to the sun and pollutants.
Dermatologists agree that dark circles are caused by capillaries leaking blood close to the skin's surface. 
The skin under the eyes is very thin - hence the dark circles. 
Revitol is one of America's premier anti-aging skin care companies.
With their resources it is no surprise that they have created an intensive eye cream that they claim combats dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles. 
The product includes ingredients designed to retain skin moisture, calm irritated skin and reduce the appearance of excess skin pigmentation. 
'As a Medical Doctor with dark circles under my eyes since childhood, I was doubtful that your product would actually work. However, after only one month of usage I am certain that it has helped to reduce bags and lighten and tone the area under my eyes.' 

A quote from the company website - but nevertheless a convincing recommendation.
But of course there are hundreds of products out there, so is Revitol for you?
Lets see what the customers say.
'I used Revitol when I had dark circles and a bit of puffiness in that under eye area. It did wonders in a pretty short amount of time.'
'Use Revitol's Eye Cream. Works wonders!'
So far so good - and these are reviews from independent forums which appear genuine and unbiased.
The product does seem to be effective in minimizing discoloration,
And the company's reputation is a good guarantee of quality. The formulation is well-researched and predominantly all-natural.
Which means that it is both safer and more potent compared to other eye creams on the market.
When used first thing in the morning, customers reported a reduction of puffiness around their eyes, even if they had stayed up late partying or working on the computer.
Longer users of the product stated that the wrinkles and dark circles around their eyes were significantly reduced.

But the acclaim is not universal.
'I tried them all, Revitol is pretty good but stopped working for me after a while,' said one user.
At around $40 a jar, with discounts for multiple purchases, this may be a consideration.

However there is no doubt that this is a quality product.
It is non-greasy, easily absorbed, with natural, safe ingredients.
And customers are offered a money-back guarantee. 
It does not contain some of the anti-aging and anti-wrinkle ingredients included in other similar products.
But it does tackle those dark circles.
Just maybe not forever.
Overall - a good, reputable product from a well-established company who have no interest in diminishing their reputation.
Date Reviewed: November 5, 2011, 5:49 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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