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New approach to faded passions. Free samples available for customers to test.


Claims appear overblown and language is over-hyped. People and relationships have more complexities than this approach allows.


Not recommended unless the sample approaches really connect personally with your situation.

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Revive Her Drive Review
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Review of "Revive Her Drive" by Susan Bratton

'Revive Her Drive,' say Tim and Susan Bratton. 'She’ll love how you rouse her libido with this simple 4-step system.'

Interested? Well this downloadable package is designed for men who are married or in long term relationships and whose partner, for whatever reason, has lost interest in sex.

'Be ready to go through a complete transformation in the way that you think and feel about having sex with your wife or girlfriend!' says Susan. 

Because, according to the promotors of this system, she hasn't really lost interest. Everyone desires intimacy and a satisfying sex life. What you need is the key to turning on her desire again.

You can re-dsicover the passion and desire in your relationship.

Thank goodness, I hear you say. Because no one gets married or into a long term relationship with the intention of it turning platonic.

If that's what we wanted we'd settle down with our best friend - not a common situation at any time in history...

So, well all want and need sexual intimacy. Starting from that understanding, then the question is how can that 'drive' be 'revived'?

Is it the way you try to tempt her? (flowers and chocolates just not working any more...)? Or perhaps she avoids your advances in case you 'start something'?

May be she says you have to be 'more romantic'? - But what does THAT mean? 

Confused? Frustrated? Oh yes.

Really focussed on a solution? Maybe less so...

Revive your Drive claims to offer female friendly, easy to learn strategies that 'she will love.'

And later... she will thank you for 'helping her rediscover her sensual self.'

The system is based on the premise that 'love chemicals' fade after a few years in any relationship and there are four elements of revival. But you can 'reset her chemistry.'

These are: Polarity - you must 'be the man she desires' which means 'bringing your masculinity to evoke her femininity.' You need to be lovers, not friends.

Then you need to 'overcome her resistance issues' – one of which is 'certainly' hormonal. After that you need to work on your seduction skills, make her feel sexy. 

And finally you need to work on your 'sexual mastery skills' - throw that boring routine out of the window. According to Revive her Drive there are many easy to learn skills that will open her up sexaully. 

'Once you know how to captivate her,' say Susan and Tim, 'you can turn her into a pleasure-seeking device within 24 hours.'

Or even a 'smouldering vixen'!

Now with claims like these it's not surprising that there's some skepticism out there about this program. So are there any independent reviewers or comments to help us decide?

Unfortunately, very few. However one plus for the package is that Susan and Tim offer three free samples from the program, so you can get a taste of the approach to see if you think it might work for you.

And there are some facebook comments on the Revive your Drive promotional video which assure potential customers that 'she [Susan] not fake... I can assure you she is very real and guys all over the world are benefiting right now from the work Susan put into this course.'

However the language and claims strike me as somewhat over the top. Once you 'reset her body chemistry' she will 'lovingly surrender her body to you' and be 'unable to resist you' using a 'stealth understanding of her psychology.' (All in 24 hours...)

And I did find one person who had purchased the package who said. 'I purchased Revive her Drive a little while ago... My wife has just about NO drive. She said that she is in Menopause, and that is why she doesn't care or want much intimacy anymore. How can your course Revive help me get her more interested in intimacy again?'

Not much room for stealth psychology there, I feel.

Now I am sure that there is some useful material for couples in this package - just by taking a new approach to intimacy and really paying some attention to how you're working together sexually.

But I fail to see how these approaches can 'reverse hormones.'

Plus there are some variations in the price that this package is offered at, depending on where you look. The Revive your Drive website says it costs $197 for the first month, and $17 a month after that (although it fails to say what you get, after that).

Whereas other websites offer the whole package for $97.

So best to take full advantage of the samples before you commit to spending your money. You need to make sure that this approach is right for your situation.

Best of luck!
Date Reviewed: March 12, 2012, 12:12 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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