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Lifetime access to the Rift Supremacy Pro Forums Guides in E-book and Video format Money-back Guarantee


May take some of the "surprises" out of the game's storyline. Not a ton of information on making lots of in-game money


Rift is a great MMO and if you're new or a veteran player, you can't really go wrong with this product. It contains a ton of information and it's presented in a fun way unlike some guides that are basically "go here, do that" types. The access to the Rift Supremacy Pro Forums is probably worth the full price alone. I was granted access to the forums for 24 hours before writing this review and it's an unlimited bank of useful information.

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Rift Supremacy - Leveling & Video Guide - REVIEW

Rift is a relatively new Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game or MMORPG. Released in March of 2011, there has only been one more MMORPG released that has been received with great reviews all around and that's Star Wars: The Old Republic. Rift follows in the footsteps of World of Warcraft and while there are some similarities such as the game interface, questing and gear, there's a lot more to this game than meets the eye. One notable feature is the "soul" system of building your character. You can mix and match from 3 different skill sets to create a unique and powerful character. This is quite fun to fool around with in early levels but specialization is the key to being a power player at level 50.

Rift is a very fun gaming experience and I was lucky enough to beta test it before playing it for about six months. It can become quite complicated by the time you hit level 25 and since it's relatively new, having something like the Rift Supremacy Leveling and Video Guide can vastly improve your experience in the early game, PVP areas and end-game content. When I played Rift, there wasn't a lot of information available so large groups of players would simply wander around aimlessly or just do the main quests. The game has been through quite a few updates since then and at the time of this review it's on build 1.6.

Let's take a look at what the Rift Supremacy Leveling and Video Guide comes with and why it's so useful.


No matter what MMO you're playing, leveling is going to be a large part of your game. Some people enjoy it, some hate it. The Rift Supremacy Leveling and Video Guides show you the fastest ways to level your character no matter what faction you are or what character type. This is extremely useful for first time players and for those making an alt, you might want to avoid certain areas you simply didn't like being in. This will let you do that by providing you locations for quest givers and telling you how to complete the quests as fast as possible. These guides are updated every time new content is added to the game.

Quests and Dungeons

When I played this in the beta testing, a group of friends and I decided to try out a dungeon. We had no idea what to expect and that was exciting but we had our behinds handed to us. We weren't ready to be there and had no idea where to go and what to do. The same thing can happen with a basic quest. If the directions are vague, you'll spend way too much time simply wandering around getting attacked by things. This can be frustrating and sometimes might even lead to people unsubscribing if someone is following you around making fun of you for not knowing what to do. The dungeon guides are particularly helpful and the Rift Supremacy Guide shows what items may be available in what dungeons. If you can only wear cloth armor, should you waste hours in a dungeon that seems to drop heavy armor?

This also includes guides to certain rifts and invasions that sweep the land on a regular basis.


PVP or Player vs Player is something optional but many people enjoy a good duel and it's a lot of fun knowing that you're in danger when in a neutral zone questing or harvesting crafting goods. The Rift Supremacy Guides have a lot of useful information about PVP builds, items, souls, and more. This can give you the edge to be a well known and well respected PVPer.

Member's Only Forum

Once you order the Rift Supremacy Guide, you'll have access to the Rift Supremacy Guide Forums. This is a place where people of all skill levels can talk about in-game events, form alliances and guilds, recommend new and exciting things to do and simply chit chat while not playing. This is handy for when you're excited to play and servers go down for maintenance.


Books, whether paper or in electronic form, can be tiresome and this product offers a ton of videos on a wide variety of subjects. Have to go see a doctor or dentist? You can watch some videos on your phone while you wait and put what you've learned into action when you get home. You can watch a few without even buying anything right on the site.

User Testimonials

Anonymous (Yahoo! Answers)

" I've only seen two full guides for Rift and Rift Supremacy has a lot mroe stuff than the other one."

Tom Baker (Rift Player/Blogger)

"I really enjoyed this guide and you really do get a premium guide for your money..."


As someone lucky enough to play the game during beta testing then for a number of months afterward, I have to admit, I wish this guide was available when I played it daily. The forums are great and filled with a friendly, knowledgeable community and the videos are a great alternative for when you don't feel like reading. I'd recommend this for new players as well as veterans. Just a quick look through it and I've seen tons of NPC quest givers I simply didn't know existed.
Date Reviewed: February 1, 2012, 10:02 am
Reviewed by Robert Sunset
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