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Claim to have direct access to over 1200 companies and employers


No independent reports of the service being effective. No contact details for the company. Complaints to Better Business Bureau.


Be careful. Poorly written reviews make the site appear a scam.

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Rigworker oil industry employment service from
RigWorker Review
Jackie Gay rates this 2/5
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Everyone knows it, jobs are scarce right now.

And good, well-paid ones even more so.

So what if you could get a job offshore working in the oil industry - excellent wages, plenty of time off, prospects for promotion.

Tempted? Of course you are.

But first you have to find a way to get a job interview in what can seem like a closed industry. can help, they claim.

They have access to 'thousands of job vacancies in the oil industry.' 

As the 'only international, industry wide, officially recognized guide to land and offshore oil rig employment' they say that their information and services have helped lots of people like you get a job on an offshore oil rig.

Find out how to get started; make contact with employment departments. Discover which companies are hiring now and which ones take on new starters.

Since 1998, Rigworker has been assisting people in getting jobs in both the land and offshore oil industry. 'You can not get off to a better and faster start,' they say.

The oil and gas industry is not like any other, they continue. And their 'dependable' services can make all the difference between success or failure when applying to the highly paid oil industry.

And once you are in, they say, you have a good chance of promotion, because this is an industry that likes to promote from within. You can travel with world, earn a big wage and have 'half the year off.'

Ok, I'm sold, I hear you say; but what do actually do for applicants? And what sort of job can I apply for?

Well the service covers a wide range of jobs: entry level jobs, deck crew, drilling, crew, electrical, mechanical and rig management as well as catering, control room, subsea and others.

When you register with Rigworker you get a free, professional online resume for employers to view. Any employer will then be able to instantly view your up to date resume, and you can add to it as many times as you like.

And you can use the services of Rigworker free for 90 days.

However, to 'get your job search off to the fastest possible start' they recommend that you take advantage of their 'professional' services which are designed for the industry and 'really work'.

These cost $59.95 for 'the chance of a lifetime.'

When signed up to this service Rigworker will send your resume directly to over 1200 companies, agents, contractors and employers. 

There are always vacancies, they say, due to constant staff turnover. This is a lifetime membership and a once only payment.

The website also includes information on working in the industry, key companies, and other background information. Check it out for yourself.

So does it work? Can Rigworker get you that dream job within this 'massive' worldwide industry?

Well, there are some testimonials published on the Rigworker website. 

Got a start on a rig in the Gulf. I can't believe how quick this has all worked,' said one.

'Resume got sent out no problem. Far better system than I thought. Real quick and easy, and well worth the money. I would definitely recommend you to anyone,' said another.

However independent reports on this company and their service are less than glowing.

Firstly, as one user points out, there are no phone or email addresses for this company available online.

Secondly, the Better Business Bureau in Dallas, 'does not have sufficient background information on this business.' 

They have also received complaints on this company: 'Complaints allege that job seekers paid the fee but couldn’t access the information, or the information was worthless,' said one webiste.

Most worrying was a report from one user of the services. 

'I paid my hard earned sixty bucks, set up my resume online and waited,' he reports. 'I got lots of junk e-mail about what it is like to work on a rig, etc, but no job offers. I did some more research on the site and cannot find a single posting on the internet saying that Rigworker got them a job.'

So I went an looked myself, to see if I could find anyone reporting that Rigworker helped them gain employment.

There are lots of review sites for the service but they are often poorly written and sometimes downright irrelevant ('When I received Rig Worker I knew immediately it was a well-made product.')

Which makes me doubt their authenticity.

In conclusion, these reports make it difficult to recommend this service. The free 90 days might be worth trying but check all clauses carefully.

And good luck in finding that dream job!
Date Reviewed: February 7, 2012, 1:43 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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Ben899 It's definitely scamming, such mess website without any US phone number is nothing but scamming. I paid $34.79 with no response so far. There is no phone number that you could reach them, if you email them you will receive an automatically generated email offers more discount! Every body can make a website and claim every thing, be careful guys! ben899 Rating
Tue, April 17, 2012 11:38AM • By: ben899rssreport user
Robot Robot Man Waste of time, and money. From looking at the website, they almost sound like an agency where they "Help" you find a job in the oil industry. There is no help. They will once in awhile send you an update, to apply at a certain company. It is an automated thing. Most of the time the link is broken, or there are no openings at the company. They have an extensive list of companies to apply, but you can find that for free from a google search. They guarantee you are suppose to find a job within a year, but good luck trying to get a hold of them. After they take your money, you are left high and dry. If your unemployed, don't waste your money. It is sad these people prey on long term unemployed people, make them send in money, and no results. I've been unemployed from full time work for 30 months, thinking I might find entry level work in the oil industry. I was left with $37.00 less to support my family. People who prey on desperate people have no shame. Robot_Robot_man Rating
Sat, September 29, 2012 10:20AM • By: Robot_Robot_manrssreport user
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