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Award winning, cloud based, affordable business class product, feature rich


I found some complaints about the fax service.


Two thumbs up! Cloud based VoIP is where it's at and RingCentral leads the pack!

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RingCentral from Ring Central
Ring Central Review Voice And Fax Solution For Your Business
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Ring Central Review - Voice and Fax solution for your business?

Voice and Fax in the Clouds:

RingCentral touts itself as the #1 cloud based phone system for your business… which sounds really cutting edge. But what is it and why should you care? Cloud computing is basically software delivered from a remote server via an application on your web browser. In other words, it's like paying for a utility that you use regularly, rather than a product that you buy and store on your computer. You access the software via your web browser and It allows for easier manageability and less maintenance for the service provider as well as for the customer. When cloud technology is paired with VoIP (voice over internet protocol) it results in a few significant benefits for the user. The major benefits are reliability, cost, maintenance and data security. 

As a cloud computing service, RingCentral offers much more dependability than when a VoIP provider is maintaining it's own servers. Cloud computing also significantly lowers the VoIP provider's maintenance and labor costs which translates into a more economical solution for you. Cloud computing also releases the VoIP provider from the complicated and resource intensive process of maintaining an internal data center. Finally, VoIP providers usually maintain data at different locations which makes the information that much more vulnerable. With Cloud Computing, all the data is stored in one location. Considering this will be YOUR data, that's a good thing!

What does RingCentral offer?

In a nutshell, RingCentral offers small businesses the type of business functionality that corporations have. You can get an auto-receptionist, smart call routing, extension dialing, call transfers, music on hold, answering rules (schedule who the call is routed to, when), call screening and recording, call logs and call forwarding, extensions and a dial-by-name directory, multiple local and toll free numbers, along with various other call management features. For faxing you can use internet fax or a standard fax machine.

With RingCentral's click to call feature you can make and receive calls using your computer. The advantage to this is your business number will show up giving the impression you're in your office. Also, if you're calling from a hotel you can avoid hotel charges. Using your RingCentral system you won't be charged for an outbound call.

With cloud based PBX, there's no complex hardware to install and no technical expertise needed. Your online account is where you manage and adjust the functionality of your phone and fax system. This means you have access to your phone system and all the data from it, like call logs, etc. wherever you are, via the internet. Of course there are also RingCentral mobile apps available for iPhone, Blackberry and Android.

RingCentral office includes the phone equipment you'll need but if that isn't necessary for your business, RingCentral mobile is a virtual phone system for mobile professionals who don't need the physical phones. You get most of the essential functionality of the office version but calls are routed to the device you designate.


The most popular Ring Central office plan is for 4-19 users and includes unlimited calling and faxing within US and Canada. You get 1000 free toll-free minutes per month and free internet fax use per user. The price starts at $29.00/month. You can supply your own IP desk phones or analog adapters or you can purchase them at competitive prices from RingCentral.

The comparable RingCentral Mobile plan includes 1000 local, long distance or toll free minutes with unlimited extensions starting at $24.99/month. Both plans offer a 30 day free trial so you can test the system for yourself to see whether you like the way it works and how easily you are able to navigate the software.

Online Rep?

RingCentral has a comparatively sterling online rep. I saw 2 current user reviews complaining about their fax service with issues including delays and truncations or failures. Elsewhere on the web RingCentral is consistently well reviewed. However, it's useful to be aware recent complaints have been made about their fax service. Feel free to challenge Ring Central about it and see how your question is handled. No company is perfect, but as a general rule, calling them to task for potential points of weakness is a good test for discovering what kind of customer service you'll receive.

That said, Ring Central has been BBB accredited since 2004 with an A+ rating. When a business has been around that long and maintains an A+, that's an excellent sign. RIngCentral has also earned top industry honors, including PC Magazine's Editor's Choice Award, the Small Business Computing Excellence in Technology Award and the 2010 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer Award. These are not minor publications or awards. Extremely impressive!

My Recommend:

Make an excellent impression on clients and potential clients, while streamlining your business. RingCentral is a great way to go for affordable, high quality business class voice and fax technology!

Date Reviewed: March 26, 2012, 9:32 am
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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Arthureray I switched from MyFax to RingCentral. Love how easy it is to fax from RingCentral. Just select RingCentral as your printer and you are ready to fax out. Also a great price. Used RingCentral for a year and have no plans on switching. Our whole law firm uses it. arthureray Rating
Sat, June 09, 2012 9:05AM • By: arthurerayrssreport user
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