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Roadmap to Genius will enrich your life in every way, including financially, academically, and romantically.


People may be reluctant to purchase the product because of the cost.


We would all like to feel smarter and lead better lives. The product provides you with the tools to unleash your brain and dramatically improve your life.

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"Roadmap to Genius" by Savion Freud - REVIEW

Healthy lives begin with a healthy mind.

Studies have shown that cultivating a healthy brain and active mind leads to greater reasoning abilities, greater comprehension and, in turn, overall better health. Possessing greater intelligence also builds greater confidence leading to an improved ability to win over any crowd or attract the attention of any man or woman your heart desires. Following the steps in Roadmap to Genius improves your health, your social life, and professional life through a series of simple to follow programs.

Utilizing a better vocabulary conveys a level of expertise and authority on any given topic.

We want certain people in our lives to convey an overwhelming sense of competency, including doctors, teachers, journalists and other people we often turn to for help or reliable information. You wouldn't want your cardiologist to use the same vocabulary as an elementary school aged child, wold you? Conveying competency builds a sense of trust,. One of the ways we build a sense of trust is through utilizing a better vocabulary. You can find a variety of tools within the Roadmap to genius program that will help to enhance your vocabulary, not only leading to greater understanding of certain words, but also building a sense of trust with those people we turn to for help and information.

Test anxiety is often a problem for many students.

Many high school and college students report experiencing severe test anxiety before major examinations. Roadmap to genius teaches you specific tools to boost concentration,. attention and retention of important information which you can use to significantly improve scholastic performance. Using Road map to genius you can eliminate the need to cram for tests, eliminate the need to spend countless hours studying, and eliminate the need to spend countless hours in class taking notes that won't mean anything to you when you begin reviewing course materials later in the evening and before an important test.

The Ability to discover begins with you.

Following Roadmap to Genius unlocks a sense of creativity you never even knew you had. Design your own greeting cards from the heart, design and build your own home, all by unleashing inner creativeness from following the simple steps in Roadmap to genius. Your greatest ideas just might change the world around you for the better.

Healthy minds improve your romantic life.

We've all met that guy or girl in class or at work that we're physically attracted to. Our minds, however make us feel inadequate in that we fear we will say or do something that is is perceived as dumb, which will make them turn their attentions away from us. Roadmap to Genius improves the mind which leads to projecting to greater confidence which helps you attract anyone your heart desires.

Not Everyone is gifted in Math.

Mathematics, algebra, and calculus are often among the most failed subjects in high school and college. Many people do not possess the reasoning or processing abilities to work complex mathematical operations, or even balance their checkbooks each month without using a calculator or requiring lots of time to solve complicated mathematical and algebraic equations. Roadmap to Genius increases the mind's ability to process numbers and solve complicated mathematical and algebraic equations.

Many of us spend hours upon hours agonizing over life-changing decisions.

Should I accept the new job? Should I buy the new house? Should I change jobs or careers? Should I have a baby? These are all examples of the life-changing decisions we make every day Roadmap to genius provides you with tools to clear away the cobwebs from your mind and make these decisions with ease, eliminating those agonizing sleepless nights spent thinking about these decisions, and giving way to an enriched and greater life.

Date Reviewed: March 4, 2012, 8:44 pm
Reviewed by Charlie Bradley
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