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Effective in keeping food and drinks cool or warm all day. Nicely designed. Easy to install and carry around.


Small capacity. Not for large quantities of food. Cup holders a bit small.


Ideal for single travelers. Will keep you company on the road!

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Roadpro cooler & warmer from Roadpro
Roadpro 7 Liter Cooler Review
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REVIEW: Roadpro 7 Liter Cooler (12V)

Thinking of a road trip this summer? I can already hear the kids clamoring for a cool drink or grandma wishing she could just get a nice cup of hot tea.

Or perhaps you already spend a lot of time driving (and a lot of money on hot and cold drinks or food).

The Roadpro 7 Liter 12V Cooler / Warmer with Cup Holders will keep those cool drinks cool or warm ones warm throughout the day.

For $36.77 you get a sturdily constructed, durable cooler/warmer which plugs directly into your cigarette lighter socket.

It is ergonomically designed to fit inside your vehicle and easily installed.

Capacity is nine 12 oz cans plus twin cup/drink holders on the side of the units, and it cools to 45F (25C) below ambient temperature and warms to 120F (49C).

And of course the insulated design means you can keep your lunch cool or warm too!

The most important thing to note about this product before buying is that it is not a refrigerator or an oven as some reviewers appear to have expected.

So you will need to pre chill or heat the items before storing them in your cooler, if you do this then 'this unit works marvelously all day long,' according to one reviewer.

And generally, it seems to be a good value, well-received item.

'I have been using this product for a few months now and it works good. I use it five days a week. It keeps sodas and lunch nice and cold. The fan is a little noisy, but not a big deal.'

OK, that's good to know, especially as the fan is advertised as 'brushless and silent.'

But it does the job on the cooling and warming.

'From a starting ambient temperature of 75 degrees it heated up to 110 in 10 minutes and cooled down to 50 degrees in 20 minutes,' said one customer. 'Not sure what others expect but this seems quite satisfactory to me. It is built real sturdy with a nice carrying strap and the lid locks open for convenience. The cup holders are convenient and the power cord stores under these cup holders if so desired.'

Another excellent use for this product is for keeping essential medicines cool.

'I purchased this cooler for my Mother who is a diabetic...mainly for her to keep her insulin in when she is traveling,' said one reviewer. 'She loves it. She recently attended a quilting retreat and brought it inside and plugged it in right beside her table. Not only did she have her medication nearby when needed, she had cold drinks as well. It is not a refrigerator so cool your beverages before putting them into the cooler.'

Nice idea - use the cooler where you're staying as well as in the car... (although check on leads and adaptors if you hope to use it this way).

'This is a very nice cooler and keeps foods and drinks cold for a long time,' said another customer. 'I purchased this for my grandson who is a truck driver. The other coolers did not retain the cool temperatures for the long time he required. The only thing that would make it better is that it could be a little larger.'

'Perfect for my husband that travels and he can keep his lunch warm or warm up soup,' said another.

However a few downsides were mentioned - including the size.

'The cooler was so small... if you're getting it for a baby it's fine but for anything else its not worth your money.'

And it's true that this item won't take large amounts of food, drink or beer for that beach party. It is much more practical for single travelers.

'I bought this before cross country self-move with a 3 yr old,' said one mom. 'Intending to be able to have cold drinks and healthy snacks along the way,' said another. 'Even with the air conditioning on full blast and the 'cooler' on constantly, we quickly had sour milk, warm juice, warm mushy apple slices, and soggy string cheese. After that, we just didn't bother with it any more.'

So it's not for feeding a family either!

And be careful of the cup size for the external holder. 'It won't hold most sized cups and is a very tight fit for cans,' said one reviewer.

However many travelers are very happy with the product and like the freedom and peace of mind it gives. 'I needed something to keep my insulin cool... so I am now free to move about without the restriction of how to keep my insulin from going bad.'

'I really like this product!' added another reviewer. 'Its easy to use and carry around wherever you go.'

So for truckers, salesmen and women, diabetics, and other traveler this is a great product. Just don't expect to be able to cook lunch or feed the five thousand from it!
Date Reviewed: April 12, 2012, 8:54 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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