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The program is completely self-guided and contains multiple methods for learning French. You also get 24/7 email support and access to a private French learning forum.


It's not as simple or interactive as Rosetta Stone, which is often considered the best self-guided language program.


If you can't afford Rosetta Stone, Rocket French is the best French learning program you can invest in.

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Rocket French from Marie-Claire Rivière
Rocket French Review
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Review of "Rocket French", by Marie-Claire Riviere

Struggling to master the French language? When taking French classes aren't enough, native speaker Marie-Claire Rivière says she has a better solution--the Rocket French language program.

Here's how it works: The entire program is self-guided, so you can control the pace of the lessons and guides, allowing you to learn French at your own pace.  The software program also comes with several ways to learn the French language, from listening to audio CDs to playing interactive vocabulary games.  All of this is guided by Marie-Claire and her English-speaking host Paul, who explain the basics of French in a simple, easy-to-follow manner.

Here is what this review will cover:
  • What to expect when you buy Rocket French
  • The good and not-so-good parts of this program
  • What the experts--and customers--are saying

We'll cover what to expect from this program first.

What to Expect From Rocket French

Rocket French, like the other Rocket Language programs, is an interactive, self-guided language program that allows you to learn French at your own pace.  To ensure you learn French at a faster rate, Marie-Claire uses a technique called "interactive learning" to engage your mind, which, according to anecdotal evidence, may help you learn more French when compared to traditional techniques, such as learning French from a teacher.

Marie-Claire uses several methods to engage learners, which include audio tapes, vocabulary software games, culture lessons, and self-guided quizzes and tests.  The audio tapes, which, if you have read the reviews about Rocket German or Rocket Chinese, are an integral part of the Rocket Language programs, which Marie-Claire uses to teach learners about the bare-bone basics of French.  She keeps things simple--breaking each lesson down into step-by-step explanations to make it easy to follow along.

Rocket French also includes two vocabulary games called MegaVocab and MegaAudio, which tests your knowledge of French by showing you pictures and audio samples.  Both games review a lot of vocabulary material, allowing you to learn more French vocabulary faster while keeping things fun and interesting.

The culture lessons are another mainstay of the Rocket Language programs, which teaches learners about the various situations they will encounter in France.  For instance, dining out is very different, culturally-speaking, in France in comparison to the United States--some would say it's more complicated.  Knowing what to expect ensures that you know how to act appropriately in these situations.

And of course, all of this comes with free, lifetime access to Rocket French's private French learning forum and 24/7 email support from Marie-Claire herself.

Issues with Rocket French

Like with Rocket German, Rocket French is also afflicted with the Rosetta Stone curse--which, unfortunately, makes it a less desirable program to potential customers.  While Rocket French itself is not a terrible program, Rosetta Stone is consistently considered the better program due to its interactivity and simplicity.  Rocket French breaks the language down in a simple manner, but Rosetta Stone goes a step further to make it as easy as possible to learn the language.  Rocket French is often called the poor man's Rosetta Stone.

What the Experts and Customers are Saying

Luckily for Rocket French, it has an army of happy customers and experts on its side--even if Rosetta Stone is still considered the "better" program.  One of Rocket French's biggest supporters comes from PC Mag, who says "Rocket Languages is our Editors' Choice for language-learning."

Its customers have even better things to say about the product.

"With RF I enjoyed learning at my own pace and downloaded the MP3s to use on my commute to work," says one customer. "I certainly don't have an "ear" for languages but found that constantly listening to them, even if I wasnt always fully concentrating, got me used to the flow and sounds of French."

Another customer writes: "I've used other French books and programs which were not complete in their explanations of words, sentence formation, and things like that, which, naturally, was very frustrating!  Rocket French is very thorough in these areas, easy to use and always fun!  You won't get bored!"


When it comes to learning the basics of French really fast, it seems customers--and experts--agree that Rocket French is an excellent program.  While it isn't as good as Rosetta Stone, it's a good program for those who don't have the money to afford Rosetta Stone.
Date Reviewed: February 27, 2012, 7:08 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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