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It uses the immersion technique, which is very effective at helping people learn a new language. The program is also never dull--you can play vocabulary games, listen to audio, or participate in the program's exclusive online forum.


It's consistently ranked below Rosetta Stone as an effective language-teaching program--some even call it the poor man's Rosetta Stone.


If you don't want to shell out the dough for Rosetta Stone, you'll receive an effective learning experience with Rocket German Premium.

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Rocket German from Paul Weber
Rocket German Review
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Review of "Rocket German", by Paul Weber

Need help learning German fast? †Rocket German Premium says it can help people of all ages easily master this language without stepping foot inside a classroom--or taking instructions from teachers.

The program, which is available online and via CD, is a completely self-taught course that helps non-native speakers grasp all of the most crucial aspects of German--from having conversations with strangers to learning how to flirt with native Germans.

Paul Weber, who created the program, says this is the most optimal way to learn how to speak German.

"I designed Rocket German Premium to be the easiest to follow system for learning German available," says Weber. †"Rocket German Premium is an interactive course that makes you want to study. †Also, it's practical."

This review will cover everything you need to know about Rocket German Premium before purchasing it. †The topics we'll cover include:
  • What you'll get with purchase of the program
  • What the experts think about Rocket German Premium
  • How Rocket German Premium compares to other self-taught language programs, such as Rosetta Stone

First, let's cover what exactly this program is about.

What is Rocket German Premium?

Rocket German Premium is a completely†self-guided language program†created by Paul Weber, who wanted to help non-native speakers learn German as fast as possible. †To do this, he made his program as interactive as possible as a way to engage and interest people.

Rocket German Premium contains several key components. †The first one is its audio component--arguably the biggest component of this program. †With purchase of this program, you will receive 31 interactive audio tracks averaging 20 minutes in length, which teach people how to have conversations in during situations such as visiting the airport or dining in a restaurant.

The second most important component of this program is its software game, called MegaVocab. †This game teaches users to learn and recall German phrases quickly, and they are scored based on how many questions they get right. †By doing this, they are exposed to more phrases and learn them at a faster rate compared to traditional mediums, such as learning it from a teacher. †

MegaVocab is also paired with another key component of this program, a software game called MegaAudio--where German words are spoken and the person must use his or her reasoning skills to guess the best answer.

As well as these three main components, users get 24/7 access to Weber himself, who can answer questions via email or in the official Rocket German forum. †

What Experts and Customers Think

As a learning program, Rocket German Premium has received excellent recommendations--both from customers and German language experts. †Ingrid Bauer, a German language expert for†, gives it a rating of 96%, saying that "the course caters for all learning styles and can be access [sic] online from anywhere in the world."

One customer who bought the program noted that it was "fun, affordable and proven to work." †However, another customer says that when compared to Rosetta Stone, another popular self-teaching language program, it "is new and still developing." †In fact, Rosetta Stone often gets recommended more often than Rocket German Premium for many reasons--sometimes simply because it's just more popular and tends to be better at "immersing" people in the language. †

So, comparing the two, customers don't favor Rocket German Premium as much as Rosetta Stone.


Comparing all of the reviews and specifications, Rocket German Premium definitely has some strong features. †It employs something called the "immersion" technique, which has been shown to be more effective at helping people learn a new language. †Weber also offers several ways people can learn German, from interactive software games to engaging audio files. †

Unfortunately, this program is going against the likes of Rosetta Stone, which is considered a near perfect language-teaching program by experts and customers alike. †One customer even dubbed Rocket German Premium as the poor man's Rosetta Stone.

So, here's the verdict. †If you don't want to purchase Rosetta Stone, or if you just can't afford it, you cannot go wrong with Rocket German Premium. †It's interactive, fun, and really easy to use. †Plus, you have free forum and email support, something that can help you learn more when the program's lessons just aren't enough.
Date Reviewed: February 24, 2012, 2:40 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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