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Fourteen hours of audio lessons. Play back of your voice to help with your pronunciation and confidence in speaking. Quizzes and Games. Cultural appreciation of Spanish culture.


It is a comprehensive course but could be a lot of work needed to master the courses.


Great value for your money. This is a product worth trying out before you make your next trip or to help you in business situation or communicating with your friends. Definitely give this product a try.

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Rocket Spanish Premium from Rocket Languages
Rocket Spanish Review
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Review of "Rocket Spanish" by Mauricio Evlampieff

Do You want to learn Spanish?

Are you planning on travelling to Spain or Latin America or even work with Spanish speakers?

Learning a new language presents a different challenge to different people.  The fact that we all acquire languages differently means that a comprehensive program allowing you to listen and repeat, to read and repeat, to converse and to experience the language contextually is an absolute must.

The Rocket Spanish Premium course provided by one of the Rocket Languages series says they can provide just that.

In this course you can expect to find 32 - 25 minute lessons that are downloadable to your desktop, your laptop, your Ipad or your MP3 player.  Take these lessons with you anywhere you go; to the gym or in your car during your morning commute. One great way to learn a language is to listen and repeat.  This course makes use of a learning method called chunking, which breaks conversations into manageable bites that will enhance your ability to retain the material you are learning in a contextual fashion.

Conversation practice

In addition,to help you in your pronunciation and your confidence with speaking, Mauricio has included something called a Rocket Record.  This is an audio capturing technology that allows you to record your voice and listen to your pronunciation, compared with the native speaker on the tape.

Reading comprehension

Reading is also encouraged to give you the visual cues as to how the language looks on the page.  They also have a "My Vocab" feature to let you focus on key vocabulary words which enable the learner to store for future reference.

Cultural immersion

To guide you in creating a feel for the language, the lessons take you through a cultural exploration of native Spanish speakers' surroundings.  Included with each lesson are introductions to food, culture, history, travel tips, cinema, holidays, traditions and more.

The creators also believe learning Spanish should be a "lifelong love".  To that end, they do not limit access to the course and they do not require on-going membership fees.  There is an optional purchase 20 CD's for $299, or order the downloadable program for $99.

So, in all, for the price of $99 this is what you will get:

    32 - 25 minute downloadable Spanish lessons
    700 audio bites for practice
    Quizzes and performance tests
    Unlimited Access
    Listening Comprehension
    Conversation Practice
    Culture lessons
    Free Upgrades

Plus - Spanish Survival Pack.

This all sounds great, but lets check with what the users think of the this language tape, is it worth it?

One user on Amazon was very pleased with the product, saying they were thrilled from the first minute she opened the package.  This user had tried three other products previously to learn Spanish  but it wasn't until she got the Rocket Spanish that she was able to absorb what was being said, citing it was the engagement with the native speakers that made all the difference for her.  She said the opportunity to hear the different accents and the humor shared by the hosts really made the program come alive for her to heighten the experience.  Finally she said being able to download to MP3 was a big advantage for her.

One drawback of the course was that it requires a time commitment of several months.  Due to the large amount of material and grammar to get through you will have to commit yourself to the program for full value.


While I wasn't able to find a lot of non-affiliate related reviews about this product I was also not able to find anything overly negative about the product either.
It seems to be very comprehensive and interactive overall and definitely would be a useful product to choose to help you with your Spanish abilities.
I would give this one a shot.

Date Reviewed: January 19, 2012, 12:44 pm
Reviewed by marilee
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