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Roulette Sniper 2.0 (Betting Software) REVIEW - Does it work?

What does Roulette mean to you?
Spinning wheels, balls flashing under the casino lights.
Thrilling wins, desperate losses...
Well now you can get all this excitement... from your computer screen(?)
Online gambling is huge.
And with the growth of it, of course there are thousands of 'systems' for beating the odds.
Roulette Sniper is one such system
'The World's best roulette betting software.'
Now of course many people would argue that it's impossible to consistently win at roulette. And Vince, the developer of Roulette Sniper agrees that the game is easy to understand but hard to master.
But his software makes it 'like stealing candy from a baby.'
His software is super-precise, he says. And he has now brought out a new improved version with custom wagering, multiple betting opportunities, saved settings, and a 'Flip' button to reverse the roulette board.
(and instructions - that'd help...)
Vince's method 'slaughters' the competitors, he says.
These other systems, he says, only work for a short period of time, and then you wind up losing, getting your hopes up for nothing. 
Roulette Sniper allows you to make money 100 times faster than other conventional methods, he says, whilst also managing risk.
No paperwork, no complicated formulas, you just enter the numbers as the come and the software tells you what to do next.
Vince's website is stuffed full of customer testimonials and there are numerous websites that endorse his product, however we are looking for independent feedback.
And that is less encouraging.
'Honestly, Roulette Sniper is a programed hybrid of several traditional roulette strategies and it is not flawless. Intuitively you know it in your heart already that a flawless roulette program would not be sold publicly over the internet.'
Only one gambler's opinion - does it ring true to you?
And he's not the only one (I'm only assuming this is a male contributer - but there just don't seem to be many women on these forums).
'Roulette has a fixed house edge which is independent of what you do or what so called "strategies" you use.'
Which means the casinos will always win in the end. Do a web search on 'house edge' and see what you think of the odds for roulette. 
'Roulette is not beatable, and anyone who claims it is is a fool or a scammer,' was one blunt response to a question on whether Roulette Sniper was worth trying.
'Stay away, I bought it, useless. Basically a martingale progression - small wins huge losses,' said another.
But this is not the only view out there in cyberspace on this product.
'Today I won $715 with Roulette Sniper. Today was a better day than average. You can win if you use it with smart money management. I play European Roulette wheel. 2.7 house edge. Roulette Sniper beats that any day.'
So by being smart and playing the right system, some people say it's possible to do well with Roulette Sniper.
'Besides,' they say, 'Even if you are unsure of whether or not Roulette Sniper is for you, there is a free trial so you can judge for yourself.'
Which is a fair comment.
And it seems that those who approach roulette as a fun game and learn some strategies in advance, have gained something from Roulette Sniper.
'I am not a professional gambler and I do not make big money; I play roulette for fun. I can't call Roulette Sniper scam because it actually works for me.'
So forget the big bucks and life-changing wins and you may find Roulette Sniper a helpful aide.
Like everything in the gambling world - it's your call.
Date Reviewed: December 3, 2011, 2:37 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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