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SBI offers the most bang for your buck by providing an ton of features, unlimited web hosting and website building tools in one all-inclusinve monthly (or annual) fee. The SiteSell company that created SBI provides clear step-by-step instructions, easy to use site builder tools, provides readily available technical support if/when needed, and teaches how any website can be transformed into a profitable internet business.


Building a website takes time, patience and work. While SBI provides everything necessary to build a sophisticated, professionally polished and engaging website, they don't perform miracles. While there is a learning curve, albeit different for everyone depending on your knowledge of techie stuff, SBI does provide extensive and comprehensive step-by-step instruction.


I personally would highly recommend the SBI site builder and web hosting services to anyone whether they are a newbie or seasoned webmaster.

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SBI Website Hosting and Website Builder from SiteSell
SBI Website Business Builder Review
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SBI Website Business Builder Review

Have you ever toyed with the idea of building your own website? 

I did.  But I was completely stumped as to how to get started.

You see, I am a self-confessed technological “e”lliterate.   Though to be honest, I’m not one to let a little barrier like a total lack of understanding of the cyber universe get in my way.  So I began experimenting. 

After wasting a ridiculous amount of time and energy attempting to build a website using so-called “free” services –which in actuality nickel and dime you the death with all sorts of add-on charges- I then found myself forking over an absurd amount of money for what was touted to be a website builder program that even a kindergartener could use with ease.  Well, let’s just say that apparently that company never considered the profound ineptness inherent in those of us of the older generation who marveled at the stunning quality of black and white TV’s in our latency years.

But I digress.

Frustration only served to fuel my interest to conquer cyber space.  Fortunately, my tenacious pit-bull do-or-die trait kicked in and I happened upon what appeared to be the perfect solution to my desire to create a website.


Now we’re talking. 

Happily I discovered that SBI is not only an intuitively easy website builder, but the company includes an entire suite of website building tools in their all-inclusive reasonable monthly fee.   And when I say easy, I mean EASY!  If you can respond to an email, write a letter on a computer, send a photo to a friend, or use Facebook then you’re light years ahead of me and SBI will be a snap for you.  

SBI makes building a website simple.  Not only do they have tons of incredible templates that can be customized to create a stunning looking website, adding content to a web page is no more difficult that using Microsoft Word.  Even including photos, color headings or any other type of features isn’t any harder than deciding what you’d like to do and clicking the mouse to make it happen.

But that’s only the beginning.  What I think makes SBI truly unique is that it is the only website building service that actually teaches, step-by-baby-step, how any website can become a profitable online business.   Whether you want to build a website to feature your current business, to share a passion, hobby or any sort of information SBI shows you how to transform your topic into an internet business. 

Eureka!  While creating content for the web pages on my newly created website, SBI was teaching me how I could integrate a variety of ways for the website to generate some income too.  Not bad for a total “e”lliterate!

So my dream of creating a website to share information on a subject I happen to find fascinating, a non-invasive do-it-yourself approach to anti-aging skin care, is now generating several thousand dollars a month.  Imagine that! Lil’ old me.  An internet entrepreneur.  To be perfectly honest, as proud as I am of myself for creating The, it still astonishes me that my adventure into cyber space has turned out to be so successful.  And it’s all thanks to discovering SBI.

So here’s the nitty gritty scoop on the SBI website builder service:

SBI, or as some refer to the company, Site-Build-It, provides an entire suite of website building tools that in my opinion far outshines any other company or service I’ve ever seen.  They pride themselves on providing readily available support along with unlimited hosting.  That means that there aren’t any additional charges for anything.  Ever.

The range of SBI’s website builder tools is in a word, impressive.  (Not that I had a clue about any of that when I started mind you.)  Some of the tools that I use are the automated blog feature, Facebook Likes and Google +1 buttons, the Google AdSense monetizing tools, the handy-dandy newsletter feature where visitors to the website can sign-up to receive hints, tips, coupons, news flashes or anything else you can think of – and it’s all automatic.

SBI also includes an amazing keyword search tool, auto responder, all sorts of statistic and tracking features, unlimited webpage and graphic hosting, interactive content modules so visitors can share their thoughts, along with easy to implement instructions on how to transform any idea for a website into an online business.

Now don’t get me wrong. 

As enthusiastic as I am about all the attributes of SBI, the bottom line is that building a website business does take work.  Like any other type of business, it takes time and effort.  SBI simply provides the right tools and guidance.  The rest is up to you.  Just because you build a website doesn’t mean that it will magically start producing oodles of income.  

As a matter of fact, I recently started another website,, to offer help and suggestions to other technologically inept people just like me who are interested in building a website business.   I share all my experiences, tips and pitfalls that I’ve had- the good, the bad and, yes, the downright ugly.  Even with everything that SBI offers, newbies to the realm of cyber space interested building a website and transforming it into a profitable internet business can use all the help they can get.  (At least I did!)     

In conclusion, my review of the SBI Website and Business Builder can be summed up for you all by simply saying that. . .

Date Reviewed: May 5, 2012, 9:33 am
Reviewed by Scoop
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