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Emphasis on legitimate link building and no spamming, strong network of high quality websites and blogs that accept your articles, saves enormous amount of time and effort


There is no guarantee that good quality sites or blogs will accept your content or will retain it for long


If you run an online marketing business or are looking for ways to boost your website’s page rankings, you may consider SEOLinkVine as an SEO support tool.

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SEOLinkVine Review - A Worthy Link Building System?

The world of online marketing has ultimately come to depend almost entirely on the search engines. More than 90 percent of all potential online customers search for their favorite keywords on the leading search engines to get instant options for their purchase. This has created a never-ending race among online marketers to do everything possible to achieve higher page rankings at the search engines.

Apart from online marketers, even leading websites and blogs that earn revenue from their sites and obviously wish to increase their web traffic are equally aggressive about improving their page rankings. If you are an online marketer or someone with a website that needs or wants to be pushed higher in the search rankings, SEOLinkVine may be an interesting product for you. This is an online program that automates your website’s link building process and helps it achieve higher page ranks on prominent search engines such as Google.

Why is link building important?

Link building, in many ways, is the backbone of your website as far as its indexing and page ranking with top search engines is concerned. Search engine algorithms need a credible way to determine which websites are the most useful from the readers’ point of view. The sites that generate the maximum number of high quality one-way back links indicate to the search engines that such a site deserves a top page ranking.

Back links show that a lot of other websites are interested in your website and are keen to link back to your site to improve their own site. Only high quality websites with high readership achieve a great number of good quality backlinks, and as a result, earn top page rankings with the search engines.

Does SEOLinkVine really help?

SEOLinkVine performs the role of an automated link submitter to various websites and blogs that will accept your articles or content. Your articles or content will naturally include backlinks to your site. Therefore, your site will have an increased number of one-way backlinks with this software. You can write original articles and content on your own, or get it written from a writing professional. SEOLinkVine will distribute your original material widely to the most appropriate and effective websites and blogs. Once your number of one-way backlinks improves, your website page rankings will start climbing on the search engines.

It is not always about working hard (although that helps for sure), it is about working smarter. This product seems to help many people, professional or otherwise.

Ethical Aspects

The good thing about SEOLinkVine is that it does not claim to submit your website or articles to thousands of illegitimate or fake sites with an aim to deceive the search engines. In fact, it discourages such practices which are eventually going to wipe out your page rankings anyway. SEOLinkVine makes sure that your content is submitted only to legitimate websites and blogs, so as to deliver real value to you in terms of superior page rankings.


SEOLinkVine is sold at a price of $67. It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, so your money is safe in case you do not achieve desired results within 60 days and want a refund.

Customer Service

SEOLinkVine provides a high quality online system to address all your queries and concerns. Excellent online customer support is one of the strengths of this product.

What are others saying?

Actual users of the product seem to be fairly satisfied, and so are the third party reviewers. An actual customer at forum says: "We have just purchased link vine a week ago after spending hours a day posting articles i posted just one article to see and my ranking as gone up by 100 thousand on alexa in one week. I only posted one so I have 25 to post todat to link vine so I intend to get to top 100 thousand pretty soon."

Another real user at the same forum says: "I was very skeptical of the power of seo link vine, I have tried a few of other “proven methods” with no results, but I must say I went from #15 to #2 in the world for a very popular keyword in my field after only 1 week. You want proof my keyword is above in the name area with my site linked in it. Google it for yourself seo link vine is awesome!"

A third party reviewer at endorses the product with these words: If you are looking for a software program to build quality backlinks then SEOlinkvine review may be for you.

Date Reviewed: January 17, 2012, 11:29 am
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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