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Trusting in the advice given by Bob Proctor and implementing the mental acrobatics into your life can easily increase your self-confidence and thus, your ability to succeed.


Bob claims that anyone can benefit from this product, but I have serious doubts about that.


If you are holding yourself back from achieving your dreams, this book is what you need. Proctor's methods will increase your self-esteem and change your thinking so that you can recognize and seize opportunity when it comes along.

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The Science of Getting Rich from Bob Proctor, Michael Beckwith and Jack Canfield
SGR Program Review
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Unbiased Review of the "SGR Program", by Michael Beckwith, Bob Proctor, & Jack Canfield

Everyone secretly wishes they were glamorously rich and had a room full of coins where they could swim around like Scrooge McDuck (or is that just me?). People don’t seem to be seeing much success in that department, though, or there wouldn’t be scads of books out there about getting rich, or wishing your dreams into reality or simply figuring out how to game whatever system you’re interested in to maximize your income. Let’s face it, the whole world is easier with a pocket full of cash.

Bob Proctor and company clearly felt that this already overstuffed market needed yet another motivational book to help encourage you to take all the money in your fantasy straight to the bank. This program is an update of a book of the same name published by Wallace Waddles in 1910, so it is not really an original concept. Proctor’s version, “The Science of Getting Rich Made Easy,” however, adds elements from “The Secret” and is considered by some to be a continuation of that franchise.

Proctor champions the Law of Attraction, a concept that essentially calls for a modification in the way a person looks at the universe. Many Law of Attraction believers often go as far as to claim that a change in thinking can be used to change the outcome of a situation. The program claims to teach the formula behind getting rich and promises that you will “attract abundance with mathematical certainty.”

Users Have Mixed Feelings

“OK, so the guy yells a little, but he is awesome! Absolutely intense! And his principles work so well that my income is increasing regularly during times when most people are crying the blues. The bottom line is, if you practice what he teaches, you will attract more wealth into your life.” ~Y. Society “Knowledge is King”, User

“Bob Proctor has a very annoying way of speaking and he sounds like an idiot. He rambles on incessantly about nothing in particular. He is so verbose. He says so much junk that isn't necessary instead of getting to the darn point! The same goes for his assistant. This DVD sucks. I couldn't take it anymore after a while, because he just wasn't going anywhere and wasn't saying anything that I hadn't heard before from Napoleon Hill. I would recommend reading and listening to the products by Napoleon Hill instead of this idiot Proctor. Proctor is a cheap, really bad rip-off of Napoleon Hill.” ~R. Johnson “Billionaire”, User

Is it for Real?

Time and time again, I’ve been seriously annoyed by the concept behind the Law of Attraction. After all, if the world was set up so that anyone who thought positively enough got all the things they wanted, we’d be living in a utopia that had no need for books like “The Science of Getting Rich.” The Law of Attraction often ignores environmental and socioeconomic realities that affect opportunities for many. On the opposite end of this concept is the idea that if you have a life full of misfortune, it was brought on my your own negative thinking – and that doesn’t help anyone.

However, programs like Proctor’s “The Science of Getting Rich” (and don’t believe the hype, there are lots of them out there) are built on a somewhat solid foundation, surprisingly. There is a segment of the population who are stuck in a cycle of negative thinking and self-sabotage. They believe they can’t succeed despite the fact that they have no actual insurmountable hurdles in their lives. These people are their own roadblocks.

Enter “The Science of Getting Rich.” If you are one of these folks, completely convinced that you cannot achieve your goals or have a life like what you imagine, this program may well help you in a massive way. What Proctor does with his program is teach you to banish negative thoughts, paving the way for you to see and seize real opportunity when it presents itself.

This is a self-help program wrapped in a “get rich quick” fleece – and for all the Universal Law blather, it can teach you to be successful using simple psychology. Since ultimately success is the point of the book, there’s no reason why “The Science of Getting Rich” can’t get you on the road to your dreams. If you’re open to redirecting your negative thinking into more positive patterns, buy this book and give it a whirl.
Date Reviewed: March 31, 2012, 2:22 pm
Reviewed by Kristi Waterworth
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