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SRS Trend Rider Review From: Vladimir's SRS Trend Rider

Solid methodology and applications

low trading levels, need to be near to computer to maxmise

good potential for the right buyer, the jury is out but the verdict looks promising

SRS Trend Rider Review (by Vladimir Ribakov) - Are real customers getting 100 - 200 pips a day? Find out...

The SRS Trend Rider. What could this be? A new form of exercise bike? A way to predict next season's fashions or iphone apps? A body-building formula?
Of course not! It's a Forex trading strategy, a hybrid one at that (hence the hybrid name with multiple associations...). But what kind of strategy would you be buying into? And does it live up to its claims of 100-200 pips a day?
'You’ve never seen anything like this,' spouts the blurb (with multiple capital letters), 'The World’s First and Most Profitable Forex Hybrid.' 

The system works by tracking trends within the currency markets, alerting users to 'pips' - the smallest price increment in forex trading. Hybrid basically means that the system (which comes as a series of software packages) is part manual and part-automated. So the first thing to understand is that this system allows automation but also requires a human touch. 
But not too much of a human touch, according to the marketing material:
'[this] built in artificial intelligence can turn even a newbie into a forex trading wizard in 24 hours with a simple push of a button, guaranteed.'

The product combines a forex 'robot' (good name, that, because most novice traders have suffered at the hands of their own emotional decision making, whereas robots don't have emotions, do they?) with a 4 step blueprint to produce, 'a semi-automated strategy that simply cannot lose.'
The hype doesn't stop there. 'Supercharge' your trading session, watch the market with 'magic profit goggles.' 'All you need to do is push a button and profit.' Even if, 'you can barely do basic math.'
The factor to consider here is the qualifiers included in the language. The system can turn a newbie into a 'wizard' - but will it? To answer that we have to dig around in the forex forums, and unfortunately genuinely independent discussions of this product are rare and somewhat scant. 
'In my experience (tried 1 day) there are not too many signals, but if you follow the rules accuracy is OK,' one user said. 

Another advised, 'I would always recommend to stay away from robots. However, I have found this one an excellent program. You have to have some wisdom, but the signals are wonderful.'
And for some users, the experience really did live up to the hype, 'I just have made almost 200 pips already in my first day using this system!!' 
And there are some words of wisdom for anyone entering the forex market; don't expect to make maximum profits on every trade, but think longer term and build accounts over time. Take care to understand the system thoroughly and apply what you learn. 
If you do that, then the indications are that SRS Trend Rider can help. 
The proven exit strategy should help increase the number of success stories gained from using this system.
However automation has it's limitations and the audio alert was pinpointed as a downside of this system 'Even though this system is half automated you need to wait for signals and be close to the computer to place pending orders.'

Many users requested a divert to email or text message for the alerts but this is not included in the system.
'I have recently bought this system and have used it on three profitable trades. It seems very sound but as per other comments, you have to be near your computer to take a trade but after that the management EA can be left to take over and it seems to work well.'
The system needs to hold up to the scrutiny of traders, and it is likely that those human choices are the key to success or failure in the long term.
Some users questioned the trading frequency of the system, although they did make a profit over a 2 month period. 
But the bottom line is that this is a reasonably mechanical strategy that appears to be profitable.
There is a limited amount of feedback available on the long term performance of the system and it would be worth prospective buyers holding off until there is more solid data. Existing users appear to be comfortable with running this system alongside its competitors and performance is good considering that it, 'doesn't catch as many moves as it, in theory, should.'
But these are sophisticated users who have many options at their fingertips.

My advice to the seller is to cut down on the hyperbole and instead focus on actual performance in real situations. Potential new traders want proven results, not magic formulas. 
All the indications are that SRS Trend Rider can produce these results, given the right 'human touch.'
Date Reviewed: October 12, 2011, 11:04 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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