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This product has a long and storied history. This product increases productivity vastly once you learn how to use it and get it installed. The product has a greatly improved design.


The product is heavily complained about online for having installation problems and customer service issues. Also, they ask that you pay for service after 30 days. Also the product seems to be limited where mobile devices are concerned.


Though there are some issues that need to be worked out, the company and the product have been around forever it seems. Given that stability, it is logical that the company will work through any existing problems. As it stands right now, I find this product to be a careful buy.

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Sage ACT Pro 2012 from Sage ACT
Sage ACT Pro 2012 Review
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Sage ACT! (Pro 2012) - Here's my Review...

Sage ACT Pro 2012 is a product that has been around in various forms for many years. It is designed to increase your productivity and make your business run smoothly, and to that end it seems to be fairly successful for some. When I started researching this product, I found that reviews were plentiful over the web. The problem with this was that the vast majority of these reviews were people touting the product with a vested interest in saying it rocks. In other words, they were heavily biased. Then I started looking into the various user reviews on purchase pages both on the website and across the shopping web. Quickly, I began to see trends emerge where pros and cons were concerned.

What trends were found on the pro side of the product?

As one might expect, a large number of people were touting the use of the product as long time users. These folks seemed to do much better than new customers where performance was concerned. Most people that had an older version of the product commented about how much easier it is to use. This group of people all seemed to agree that the interface was vastly improved and that the product was much more advanced than previous versions. They also seemed to love the new design and set-up.

Among those people that were new to the product and happy with it, it seemed to be all increased productivity. The things that Sage ACT Pro was capable of were fairly astonishing to them, so they were impressed with that. They seemed to think it was fairly easy to use once it was actually installed. I spent oceans of time trying to find other positive things to put here, but among the user reviews I read there were not any.

What problems were found with Sage ACT Pro 2012 among user reviews?

The biggest and most recurring theme that I found over and over was that the product either was difficult to install or that it was impossible to install. Installation problems seem to be rampant with this product, especially among the new folks to the product. I realize that people usually only post when they find something negative, but the insane amount of user reviews in the comments stating a problem with installation does not seem to lie.

This brings me to the next thing I was seeing tons ofópoor customer support. First off, let it be known that Sage ACT Pro cuts off support after 30 days unless you pay for it. That alone makes me a bit scared of this product. If you have to pay extra for customer support for any product, I am not buying it. That is just how I am where products are concerned. If I donít have customer service available for a product, then I feel like they expect the product to have issues down the road. True or not, that is how it makes me feel.

The complaints that I kept reading were that the support personnel were not helpful, argumentative and rude in various forms. Some said that these folks were helpful as well, but of the ones I read, the bad outnumbered the good by a long shot.

Another complaint said that product has no iPad application. Given the popularity of these products, that would be a pretty important thing to add in coming versions. Perhaps it could be included in an update.

Finally, the product appears to be a bit complicated to some users. This is, of course, going to be true of any software application. The problem with this though is that this particular product is standing on its simplicity. In other words, the fact that it is supposed to make things easier is part of the draw. They canít afford to be complicated to anybody really.

One of the last complaints that I heard quite often is that the software is a resource hog and moves slow. This is something that gets better with more advanced versions such as premium, but it should be noted that the pro version has some complaints on this level.

Final Analysis

Anytime you have a software product of this sort come out, you are going to have more cons than pros. While it might seem like this review is largely negative, it really is more about the fact that it has some initial problems that needs sorting out. To their core audience of previous users, this product is solid gold. To the newbies out there, it seems to be a bit buggy and difficult. As the product streamlines and starts to even out, I am certain that it will improve in these areas. It can be purchased at a very good price right here.
Date Reviewed: April 10, 2012, 8:32 pm
Reviewed by Rodney Southern
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