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Pre-screened and verified supplier database, excellent customer service, active online trader community


No distinction between “middlemen” and real wholesalers is made


If you are an existing trader looking for new suppliers, or an aspiring trader planning to start from scratch, consider investing in a one-year membership of SaleHoo.

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SaleHoo (Wholesale Supplier Directory) REVIEW - All it's Cracked Up to Be?

Are you a trader buying and selling products and services, or do you aspire to be one? Do you wish you too could make money by selling on eBay and other online platforms like millions of others? If your answer is yes, you ought to consider this review carefully. SaleHoo is an online Wholesale Supplier Directory that provides you instant and unlimited access to more than 8,000 wholesalers, including suppliers that offer good profit margins.

In the business of trading, sourcing is more important than selling. If you have sourced the right product at the right price, selling it is child’s play. Selling becomes difficult when you do not have a competitively priced product to sell. The Internet has been a game changer for traders, and as long as you have access to a great product at the most competitive price in the market, your product will sell over the Internet before you know it. One main reason for this is that you can reach so many households and businesses. The Internet has made this possible, the world has not ever had a tool or system that brought so many people the information or products they needed in such a short time span. The implications are still being realized and will continue to be so.

Pre-Screened Suppliers

One of the biggest challenges an average trader faces is to identify a reliable and legitimate wholesaler. Thousands of wholesalers and suppliers are available on the Internet, but it is nearly impossible to determine how many of them are truly able to offer what they claim to do. Risk exposure becomes too high when dealing with unknown entities online for your trading business.

SaleHoo provides you the key advantage of pre-screened and verified wholesalers and dealers, which minimizes your risk and enhances the safety of your business. The supplier database of SaleHoo is regular updated to include the most appropriate suppliers for your needs. The database is categorized systematically to ensure that you can identify the best suppliers for your business almost instantly.

Large Community of Members

One of the key strengths of SaleHoo is that it boasts of one of the largest communities of online traders on the Internet. With more than 92,000 members, SaleHoo does come across as one of the most trusted trading communities online. It offers a very active members-only online forum where you can interact with other members to learn more about a particular supplier you are considering for your purchase, or a particular product that you want to trade in. You can even ask questions or seek advice on the nitty gritty of custom duties, international shipping, and how to approach new customers!

This harkens back to the capabilities of the Internet. The Internet is the great equalizer. It has made the world more flatter and this has opened up doors for people that have never been able to walk through or even see what is on the other side.

Customer Service

SaleHoo offers you one-on-one customer support and advice. The client service team of SaleHoo is on call to answer all your queries, 10 hours a day, six days a week.


SaleHoo membership comes at a cost of $67 a year. It includes a 100 percent 60-day money back guarantee.

What are others saying?

SaleHoo has generally been received positively by users and third party reviewers alike. The reviewer at says: “For the newbie, Salehoo does provide a reasonable library of free eBooks and software tools, plus an exclusive online forum and live chat support. For a one-time fee of $67, I personally feel that you get a lot for the money. No recurring costs and updated, exclusive access to their ever-growing and pre-tested supplier list makes this a good value for those looking to sell products online.”

An actual user at says: "Just like all other members, I am a paid member of Salehoo. The reason I talk about Salehoo is because I personally think it is a sound product. To my knowledge, I have never been cheated or ripped off in any way, and I am satisfied that it lives up to its promise. Further, I have found legitimate product sourcing leads for products I’m interested in selling. I also get what I consider to be valuable feedback and ideas from the forum."

Date Reviewed: January 13, 2012, 9:36 am
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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