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Samsung SMX F50BN Review From: Samsung

Cheap; has good optical zoom.

Resolution quality is poor.

Shop around; there are definitely better quality video cameras in this price range.

Does the Samsung SMX-F50BN Stack Up to the Competition?

For $199, the Samsung SMX-F50BN comfortably fits in as an entry-level camcorder, with few bells and whistles: Most of its features have already been repeated over in over in previous versions. Still, this camera works well for home use or for video blogging, though users shouldn't expect excellent HD quality, given the price. Here is my review.

  • Has 52x optimal zoom
  • Good, budget-priced camcorder
  • Contains the "Smart Background" feature

  • Menu settings aren't always saved after turning it off
  • Picture feature is very poor
  • Microphone too sensitive


Because this camcorder is a budget-friendly camera, don't expect much from it: Its design is more helpful from a functional standpoint than a design standpoint. The first indicator of this is its clunky design--a small heavyweight at around 8 ounces and lacking an ergonomic design. Some of the camcorder's main features are located on the side of the panel--which disappears from view once the LCD screen is placed back into place--but most of the functions are displayed on the LCD touch screen, which folds out and flips around for easy video viewing.

Luckily this touch screen is very sensitive, so just a tap of the finger should give you access to most of the on-screen controls. Oddly enough, its most important buttons--the recording and menu buttons--aren't located on the side panel or touch screen at all; instead, they're found just to the left of the touch screen, a design flaw that doesn't entirely make sense. For convenience's sake, it would have been better to include these buttons on the screen itself, instead of requiring users to reach elsewhere for these buttons. Overall, it's a basic camera that could use some improvement.


Functionally, the Samsung SMX-F50BN is a good, basic camera, with a limited amount of functions designed for the novice user. For starters, its zoom function is arguably one of its best features--having both optical and digital zoom, with optical zoom going up to 52x. This is remarkably high--and it zooms in on the environment in crystal clear quality. This camcorder also comes with a picture feature, allowing you to also take photos at your convenience, but many customers reported that the photo quality was very poor--sometimes even worse than cell-phone quality photos.

Aside from these issues, this is still a solidly built camera, with good, basic features. As an added bonus, it also contains something called a "Smart Background" feature--a feature that allows you to put music into your video via camcorder and automatically lowers the music volume when speech is detected. This allows the voice to be amplified--and it's a neat feature that video bloggers will definitely love. Unfortunately, this control--and most controls--seem to be awfully slow on this camera, so it's best not to use this camcorder for shots which require quick action shots, such as sporting events.


In addition to its features, the Samsung SMX-F50BN also comes with built-in editing software, which automatically installs after connecting the device to the computer via USB cable. This program should be compatible for most personal computers, though its compatibility with non-Windows systems, such as Linux or Mac, is still unclear. Though the program is fairly basic, it should serve well for the novice camera user, allowing them to edit, play, and even share their videos, whether that's with family, friends, or online, on websites such as

Customer Reviews

"Far too many design glitches were allowed to slip out, and the frustrations of using the device far outweigh any fun in using it. I'm not a newbie to tech or using camcorders - I know what to expect for the price, and while the F50 isn't expensive, some of the design/use flaws in it are inexcusable at any price point. Shop around." - Gregory A. Henry

"It has great video capability with great audio. It is also easy to use to convert from camera to DVD or on facebook or youtube. I would highly recommend this camera to anyone." - Undra Finley

"I purchased this camera as a Christmas present for my brother, and he's very impressed with the quality. He's been exploring all the features and thinks he's the next Coppola." - Bloomington Cook


Although its basic functions are decent, this camcorder just doesn't deliver good quality videos or photos. As a previous customer said, “shop around”--there are definitely better cameras in this price range.  Recommendation: Choose a higher-quality model instead, such as the JVC GZ HX300 Camcorder.
Date Reviewed: May 29, 2012, 2:35 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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