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Unique system, easy to read and understand, new approach to traditional marriage guidance


No independent reviews, re-hashed marketing material, high refund rate


Not recommended unless the idea of 'relationship judo' resonates strongly with you

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Review of "Save the Marriage System", by Lee H. Baucom

'You can save your marriage starting today,' says Lee Baucom, author of the Save Your Marriage system, 'even if you're the only one interested.'

It's a big claim - after all most of us would argue that it take two to save a failing marriage.

But that's not always the case, according to Lee.

He quotes a couple who were 'literally driving to the attorney's office' when instead they decided to stop at his office.

Like many couples they had spent years with neither of them really being happy; had made various attempts to change, but things always fell apart and they were constantly battling.

They knew they were stuck in a vicious cycle and that things had to change, but they didn't know how.

After talking to Lee, 'there was a dramatic transformation in their marriage.'

No angry arguments, 'living like roommates' or name-calling.

And even better 'sparks of true pleasure and intimacy again.'

Lee claims that his system can work with even the most intractable marriage problems because he has 'found and created new strategies and methods' to replace the traditional methods of marriage therapy, which, he says, don't work.

His website and articles debunk various 'myths' about marriage - for example he says that learning new communication skills won't help you if your marriage is truly troubled, they will only give you and your spouse the ability to 'fight more effectively!'

Instead, he says, he has discovered 8 distinct paths back to marital happiness. And it's crucial that you determine exactly which stage of marriage you are facing.

He calls his strategies 'relationship judo' - you use the negative energy in your relationship to turn it round. Which is why you can still start saving your marriage if your spouse isn't interested. 

And he advocates taking action now! Things won't just work themselves out 'before your marriage spirals into a place that is truly irreparable.'

OK you've convinced us - so what does this action consist of and does it work?

If you buy the Save Your Marriage eBook you'll discover how to assess the stage of your crisis; how to address any stage and turn it around; why 'hard work' on the relationship isn't always the answer; why arguing is a waste of time (and how to get around it); how to deal with sex or money problems and how to make 'paradigm shifts' in the relationship.

And, 'how to begin saving your marriage beginning in less than an hour, maybe in less than 10 minutes!'

The eBook costs $47 and comes with numerous bonus packages. 'This material works,' says Lee. And the endorsements on his web page back up this claim.

'I have been reading the first few sections and am very relieved to find such a terrific resource,' says one. 

And there are further endorsements on review websites.

'The book provides wonderful insights on how to save the marriage and reunite with your spouse. My friend bought it and she has successfully fixed communication problem in her 6 years relationship,' said one review.

(Which is a bit odd considering that Lee Baucom doesn't think communication skills necessarily help...)

'The one I like the best is Save The Marriage by Lee H Baucom. Makes a lot of sense and is helping me,' said another.

However there are few independent comments and even people who have specifically asked for 'answers from people that have used his system' get directed to websites which re-hash the original material.

'I've looked him up and all the info I find reads the same,' said one potential customer.

And CBEngine - an independent analytics firm - report a high refund rate (12.23%) for this product which indicates that customers have not been satisfied with their purchase.

And there have been a number of complaints submitted to the Better Business Bureau.

Which is a shame; because the material and approach could be useful to some people.

However the refund rate and lack of independent reviews, plus the high claims made, mean that I cannot recommend this eBook. 
Date Reviewed: February 28, 2012, 3:20 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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