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it's a chunk of change up front to save time and money on the back end.


Scanshell offers excellent scanning devices!

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Scan Shell Review How Are Their Scanning Devices
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Scanshell Review - How are their Scanning Devices?

Yay for Time Saving Gadgets!

I am a lover of gadgets, especially when they make my life easier. That's why I love business card Scanners. I have a stack of business cards sitting, right at this moment, in the bottom drawer of my desk. They are languishing. Honestly, I may as well throw them out but I can't bring myself to. I often think about how many people I haven't bothered to transfer to my email list over the years because I never got around to doing it manually. And out of all those people, how many of them would have converted to a sale or developed into an interesting JV? 

Why waste precious time?

Meeting people in person is much more powerful than meeting them virtually. When someone hands you their business card you've made a connection. A connection that will fade from memory unless you take steps soon after to develop the relationship. But how often do we do that? If you're like me, you feel really good about the connection in the moment and then you stick their business card into a drawer with 50 others, convincing yourself that one day you'll sit down and manually enter all that info into your computer. I'm here to tell you it will never happen!! We will never make time to do that. On the list of priorities, it ranks impossibly low. Why? Because it's a completely inefficient waste of our time and energy. 

Scanners save you money!

Of course that's not the only function for scanning devices. Because of the age we live in, scanners are essential for running our business. Some of us are still living in the dark ages. Are you aware that paperless offices run at a higher margin than comparable paper based offices? Why? TIME!!!!! For example, you're paying an office assistant an hourly. How long will it take that person to find a scanned document by typing in a search term vs. fishing around your office? Even if you're phenomenally organized, the computer wins hands down. What you need to consider is that little moments add up to a lot of time. 10 minutes here and there turn into a stream of money unnecessarily leaving your pocket, due to cumulative inefficiency (I just made that phrase up… makes me sound extremely intelligent, no?) Anyway you get my point.

Then there are businesses that simply need scanners for functional purposes. For example if you own a bar or liquor store and you need to scan licenses and passports or if you're a doctor's office or physical therapist and you need to scan medical and insurance cards. The main, essential factor to consider is the value of your time and how the way you spend your time affects your productivity. Scanners increase productivity in a multitude of ways and for some reason, I find that extremely satisfying. 

How does Scan Shell compare?

Extremely well, actually. Scanshell was founded in 2001 by a group of engineers specializing in OCR scanning solutions. They sell and ship their products internationally and they have a 30 day return policy.

But, what I found especially telling were the positive reviews on Amazon. Their price point is excellent and their quality for the price point is outstanding. Users who research Scanshell products purchase Scanshell products because they are so favorably and consistently reviewed. The only customer complaint I found was followed up with a happy resolution and the customer decided to keep their Scanshell purchase. 

If you're surrounded by stacks of papers or business cards and/or your business scans id cards I highly recommend purchasing a scanning device from Scanshell. It's time to save some trees and catch up to the future. 

Date Reviewed: March 5, 2012, 5:44 pm
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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