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This product offers excellent diagnostics and charging power, all with the solid Schumacher name. Also, the customer service is awesome.


The product has cheap feeling wheels and housing, costing this product a perfect rating from me.


Despite some issues with housing and wheels, the Schumacher SE 4022 gets an excellent rating. The charging power is incredible in this little package.

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Schumacher SE 4022 Battery Charger from Schumacher
Schumacher SE 4022 Battery Charger Review
Rodney Southern rates this 4/5
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REVIEW: Schumacher SE-4022 Battery Charger

When it comes to charging batteries, not many companies are as well regarded as Schumacher. They have been around for ages and know how to produce a quality charger, so my expectations were quite high going in for the Schumacher SE 4022 battery charger. In researching this charger online, I found that it was everything I figured it would beóa quality tool to have in any garage at a price that most people can afford rather easily. There are certainly some things that can be improved upon, but this is a solid charger and addition to the Schumacher line of products.

What are the primary features of the SE 4022?

This product has a very effective cooling fan that allows it to operate at a high level and last for a very long time. It can work with both 6 and 12-volt batteries, making it very versatile. It can analyze electrical and starting system issues with a modicum of accuracy and has a voltmeter and two rotary switches.

What makes the Schumacher SE 4022 so good?

For one thing, Schumacher is known for having great customer service that is highlighted by a 3 year warranty. If you have problems with your unit,†you are not likely to get the runaround. Most every customer I could find with problems had them dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Generally the Schumacher is going to run you under $150 and that is most certainly a great deal. Not many chargers that do all this one does will cost under $200, and the Schumacher is solid at less money.

The Schumacher is a fantastic charger for fleets and basic mechanics alike. Whether you are working with several batteries are just one, the charger is going to do the job well.

When it comes to functioning, the battery charger is a breeze. While it is not a smart charger, it is capable of being set up on a timer to shut off at a set time. Some people like this feature and some donít, but they are clear about how it works upfront. Smart chargers generally cost more and this is a manual charger. You pay accordingly, so this is not a reason to really complain.

Finally, that Schumacher name is worth paying for. Despite the fact that the charger is a Schumacher, it costs about the same as much cheaper-made models on the market. You might as well get the good name brand and excellent customer service that comes with it.

What are the problems with this unit?

I mentioned above the smart-charger/manual charger thing. Most complaints you read about this model are that it is not a smart charger. That is really not fair to Schumacher as they readily market and advertise this as a manual charger. If folks want a smart charger they should buy one. This like buying a portable air station and expecting a commercial blower. They are two different products and one should not be judged based on the other.

The tester on this unit is actually only a simple voltmeter. While this is not a huge deal, it could have been a bit better if Schumacher had wanted it to be.

Likewise, the wheels and housing on this charger are very lightweight and subpar. This came up repeatedly in online reviews and I donít really understand why Schumacher would not have simply upgraded that portion of the charger. It would have been easy to add five or ten bucks to the price and folks would have paid it. Trying to move this unit across gravel or dirt is nearly impossible. It feels like the wheels might fall apart. The housing also feel like it might fall to†pieces†over time.

Final Analysis

Despite some minor annoyances, this charger is about as good of a charger as you could possibly hope for under $200. It gives you accurate readings, solid charging power and excellent customer service when it is needed. What more could you hope for really?

I give it a solid by rating that would have been higher with a better set of wheels to move it around with.
Date Reviewed: April 15, 2012, 10:17 am
Reviewed by Rodney Southern
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