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Quality company with good design for modern requirements. Good components, attractive, fun and comfortable to ride.


Very few niggles with fender quality and positioning. Not for real off roading but fine for trails.


A bargain and good-looking at that. A match made in heaven.

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Schwinn Discover Women's Hybrid Bike (700C wheels) from Schwinn
Schwinn Discover Womens Hybrid Bike Review
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A bike for roads, trails and women? All on two wheels? Check this out...

Bad memories of crouching over racing handlebars for uncomfortable hours as a kid? (not to mention the seats...)

But know that a 'cruiser' style bike won't cut it for you (after all, we don't all live in flat, sunny Florida).

Well check out the new hybrid bikes, especially designed for women.

More specifically, check out the Schwinn Discover Women's Hybrid Bike (700C Wheels).
You can learn more about hybrid bikes here

For $259.99 you get a ladies aluminum city frame with an upright riding position, a Suntour suspension fork to absorb shock, and a padded saddle with suspension seat post.

Get the picture? This is a bike built for comfort! Ideal for commuting to work or cruising down a leisurely bike path. The bike has great additional features such as 21 speed gears, a Shimano TX-31 rear derailleur, Promax alloy linear pull brakes, a swept-back upright handlebar with an adjustable stem; fenders, and a rear gear carrier.

And the Schwinn name is an American classic, synonymous with quality, performance and innovation - creating the perfect bike for today's busy woman. Their website has a very useful page on maintenance - especially useful for those dastardly flats! (they happen...)
Buying online you have to bear in mind that this bike comes unassembled, and the buyers seem split between 'easy to put together' and 'don't even think about it - take it to a bike shop.'

Assembly by a pro will cost around $60 so bear that in mind if you think you might prefer that option (after all, it's important to get those brakes right!).

Having said that, many people are perfectly happy with putting it together themselves. 
'I just finished assembling the bike. I love it! I have been looking for a comfy crusier style bike but versatile enough to go from trails to off roading. I biked 1/2 way up my super steep hill with no problem. The set up wasn't too hard. I have never worked on a bike before and with a few tools I was able to but on the front tire, pedals and handle bars. The seat is very comfortable.'
However another buyer advised:

'My first recommendation would be to have the bike assembled professionally. The instruction manual seemed to be for all Schwinn bikes and not specific for this model. My boyfriend and I tried to assemble it, however the brakes were sticky and needed lubrication and the tire blew out (we may have over-inflated it). We took it into a bike shop.'
'After having it properly built,' said one more, 'the bike is perfect! We really really love it. It is durable and sporty enough to take off road, but also light and comfortable enough for leisurely rides. It is gorgeous too! I get a lot of compliments.'

And it is certainly a good-looking bike that will turn those other commuters green.

'I have had many commuter bikes in my life and I think this one is the best. I like sitting in an upright position (easy on the back) and the seat is wide and comfy. I am 5 feet 7 inches tall and this bike fits like a dream. It looks good and I get lots of compliments as I zip around the bike trails.'

And the mention of size is important - because if you're buying online you also need to know that the bike will fit you.
'I am 5'5" female and this bike is perfect! It is comfortable and a great height. I wanted the look of the cruisers, but also to keep up with my husband while biking. This bike fits the bill perfectly - it has the mud guards and the cute back rack, but it can keep up too! I would highly recommend this bike if you want a cute, sophisticated bike that can ride well too.'

So this really is a women's bike - it looks cute AND rides well!

As for the size consideration, it seems that around 5'3" is the smallest you can be to get the best out of this bike. 'I am 5'3" and it is a tiny bit high for me when standing on the ground, but when I ride it is not a problem and since it's a girls bike.'

(Thank heavens for that...) This customer also adds:  'This is my first bike in 35 years. It is so fun. Love the color too. It rides well on the paved roads and the gravel ones.'

So ideal for those returning to cycling and discovering (hurrah!) that products have improved considerably while they've been away.

'Gear shifting is a breeze and very smooth,' said another buyer. 'The seat is very comfortable and the bike overall has a lovely feel to it. And that's coming from a 48 year-old who hasn't ridden in 20+ years.'

Some people mentioned that they didn't like the fenders (made of plastic and not-too durable); and that the tires are narrow for real off-roading. But then again that's not what this bike is designed for. And one woman who uses a bike trailer to transport the kids around noted that the bolt for the rear fender has to be changed in order to attach the trailer.

But the consensus on this bike is that it is pretty, practical and reliable:

'It really is a pleasure to ride and the ergonomic handlebars are very comfortable.'
'A real eye-pleaser, the prettiest Schwinn yet.'

'The best bike I've ever had, a pleasure to ride.'

With accolades like that, who could resist? Check out best prices here.
Date Reviewed: May 8, 2012, 4:04 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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