Turismo Swivel Single Jogger
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Schwinn Turismo Jogger 30 Review From: Schwinn

This is a great jogging stroller with lots of features at a very good price.

It doesn't handle right-hand turns very well.

For the price and the features, this is a great investment for anyone who want to jog with their baby.

Why I Like the Schwinn Turismo Swivel Jogger

Since I had a new baby last winter, I have been looking for a new stroller that doubles as a jogger for my son.  We a busy and large family so not only does it need to be very portable, but it also needs to be sturdy and durable because of the use it will get.  I came across the Schwinn Turismo and decided to check it out because the brand name is well known and the price is very affordable. 

The cost fits my budget perfectly but I am concerned that the low price means that the jogger will not be as durable as I need it to be.  I am very active and I want to be able to run with my baby so he can get some fresh air when I go so if this is a tough jogger, I would purchase it in a minute.  Here’s what I found out about this jogger:

Product Features

  • Single Jogger Intended for One Child
  • One Front Tire That Swivels
  • A Parent Tray
  • Built in MP3 Speaker
  • Adjustable Handles
  • Spring Suspension

There are a lot of things to like about the jogger and the first thing that caught my eye was the built in MP3 speaker.  I love the fact that I can plug my iPod or phone into the jogger and not have to bother with headphones.  My son and I can listen to music while we are jogging and when the family is with us on a walk, we can all listen to any music and I do not have to feel bad for wearing headphones.

Schwinn Turismo Swivel Wheel Jogger Single
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Other Cool Stuff

The frame is made from a lightweight aluminum which means I do not have to break my back getting it in and out of the car and this also makes it easier to push on runs.  The sixteen inch rear wheels will also make pushing this jogger much easier.  The parent tray comes with two cup holders so I can carry a bottle for the baby and my water along with some snacks.  There is also a tray for the baby so when he is older, he can have his sippy cup, toys and snacks right at hand.  Since this allows for a weight of up to fifty pounds, he will be using it for quite a long time.  There is also an under seat basket where I can put diapers and other items for those longer trips. 

What Is Not So Cool

The front wheel has been known to stick as some of the forks are not evenly made which tends to make the jogger veer to the left.  This can be an issue because unless you are running a NASCAR race, you need to make some right hand turns too.  While Schwinn will replace the fork free of charge, you are still stuck with the hassle of replacing it yourself.  This is not a huge issue as long as the replacement is good and not all of the forks are like this.  It seems like there was a run of bad ones and since they are being replaced, it can be a bother but not a deal breaker. 

What Those Who Own This Say

Driveby79 says, “I am extremely happy with this stroller I am an Engineer and I found it to be very well designed and constructed. It tracks perfectly straight with the front wheel locked in the fixed position and does not pull to any side at all.”
Babystrollercity states, “The Turismo jogging stroller is made from light weight aluminum that make the stroller very easy to handle. An exposed spring suspensions system delivers a very smooth ride. Including a built-in MP3 speaker allows you to entertain your child with comforting songs while using your stroller.”


All in all I like quite a few of the accessories of this jogger and I really love the fact that it is so lightweight and portable.  I know that my runs with the jogger will be much easier than using a stroller and this is very important to me.  With the busy lifestyle my family and I lead, we need to be able to load up the car quickly and get where we need to go.  With the portability of this jogger, I know that trips with the family will not be much of a hassle.

Date Reviewed: May 21, 2012, 8:42 am
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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