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Saves you enormous amount of time with automatic submissions, monthly submissions in case of Platinum plan, SEO tools, tips and techniques provided for better page ranking


No guarantee that a search engine will index a website or rank it high merely because it has been submitted


If you are looking to improve your website’s search engine exposure, Search Engine Submitter makes the task easy for you. The product is particularly worth considering if you own multiple websites.

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Search Engine Submitter from Search Engine Submitter
SearchEngineSubmitter Review
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The Internet has given rise to unlimited possibilities to create a successful online business, but at the same time it has also become the most fiercely competitive marketplace with millions of websites vying for the attention of the search engines. If you are someone with a website of your own, chances are that you are already frustrated over the poor rankings of your website on the search engines and the resulting low traffic that your site generates.

Search Engine Submitter is a unique software program that addresses precisely this challenge to boost the traffic on your website and improve its search engine rankings. The first thing this software will do for you is that it will submit your website to more than 500 search engines, including all the top ones such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and AOL. So you don’t have to identify hundreds of search engines and submit your URL manually to each one of them. The software will even provide you with web analytics, so you will know which search engines are directing more traffic to your website.

Does it help your site rank higher?

Most website owners will submit their URL to only to a handful of prominent search engines such as Google. The problem is that these are extremely competitive search engines, and you need to have a very high quality and value-driven website in order to achieve high rankings at these search engines. The simplest thing that Search Engine Submitter does for you is that it goes beyond the top search engines, and submits your URL to almost every good search engine available on the Internet. Most of these search engines have easier norms or more lenient algorithms, and chances are that your website may rank higher on these engines.

Furthermore, the team at Search Engine Submitter will provide you with some of the most effective SEO tools, tips, and techniques to boost your page rankings even at leading search engines such as Google and Yahoo. The Search Engine Submitter software program is in an expansion mode and it is rapidly adding new SEO tools, including back link checkers, page rank verifiers, and keyword density testers. All these tools are designed to help your website conform to the algorithmic standards of top search engines, and achieve higher page rankings.

How much will it cost?

Search Engine Submitter offers three different plans, depending on your needs. If you own multiple domains as an affiliate marketer, or run an Internet marketing or e-commerce business of your own, you may opt for the Platinum plan that costs $199.95 as a one-time payment for life. This plan will allow you to submit unlimited websites, and give you exposure to more than 500 search engines. Each month the software will make fresh submissions of your URL, including business and online directory submissions.

The Gold plan costs $49.95, and lets you submit up to three websites. The rest of the benefits remain the same, but it does not include automatic monthly submissions of your URL to all the search engines. Search Engine Submitter also offers a Silver plan for $39.95. This is ideal for people who just own a single website that needs to be promoted. This plan will submit your site to 50 top search engines. It is not a bad plan either because the top 50 search engines anyway command the maximum traffic on the Internet. If you ever had plans of going global, Search Engine Submitter may be just the tool for you. 

What are others saying?

Actual customer responses are not available about Search Engine Submitter, but third party reviewers have largely good things to say about the product. The reviewer at says: “If you want to increase the rank of your online business website without hard work, then Search Engine Submitter is the perfect program for you.”

Another reviewer at says: "With Search Engine Submitter, though, I started to see a real increase in my traffic within a couple days, and I started to see my website appearing in search engine results within the first week. And it wasn’t just the smaller search engines either – my site started to appear in big search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. And the longer I used Search Engine Submission, the more traffic I got! And the more traffic I get to my site the more sales I make, so the service paid for itself within the first week."

Date Reviewed: January 14, 2012, 12:15 pm
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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