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Secret Stock Promo (David Green) Review - Can this self-professed promoter really make you money?

'Your path to penny stock riches' - it's a great story, pitched perfectly to resonate with today's troublesome economy. An unemployed dad discovers not one but two (related) ways to get rich through the penny stock market which will 'increase your income and serve an a permanent alternative to your job.' All you need is an internet connection and David Green's $97 package. Can it really be that simple?
Penny stocks, or micro-cap stocks are, as the name suggests, available for a very low price, and are famous for moving rapidly, so even a 5c rise can yield (potentially) extensive profits. For today's home investor, this could be very good news, but to negotiate this maze even those most savvy of us would need good, reliable information.
Now you would think that the internet would be a goldmine of such information. However penny stocks do not have a good reputation on the web.†There are multiple newsletters, email lists, 'free' packages and tips which claim that they have the secret formula for spotting those elusive stocks which are due to rise, exponentially by thousands of percent.
David Greenís Secret Stock Promo†claims to have unique strategy to overcome these obstacles. The first is his guidance and tips on the penny share trading systems, and the second is information on how to become a penny stock promotor yourself - i.e. to be paid by the aforementioned tip sheets to promote particular stocks.†
This is 'the hidden key to life-changing wealth with penny shares.' †Much like Penny Stock Insiders.

Pitching himself as a 'mentor', David anticipates the question at the forefront of most people's minds upon reading his website - why would he give you (sell you, actually) this information? Because he's a good guy, is the short answer: he'd 'grown tired of empty promises being made by penny stock newsletters'; because he, 'wants to do business the right way. More money for all of us!' He is, 'trying to break the bad mold of lazy stock promotion' by building strong relationships - with you. Arguing that a combination of both trading and promotion is the †'most genuine' way of getting rich within the penny stock world, he portrays himself as just the sort of upright, trustworthy guide you need before stepping into the shark tank.
Is he genuine? I have no idea.
This is not for lack of trying. I have searched many review sites, blogs and penny stock websites, but all the information on David Green and Secret Stock Promo appears to have been posted by the man himself. There are no comments (or comments are closed) and no named reviewers or postings on forums. There are lots of reviews but they are essentially the same (with one or two words changed here and there). Some of the 'reviews' link directly to David Green's video promotion.†
There is one review (on ebookrus) that is couched as being written by someone else and for the sake of balance I should quote them. 'Davidís picks have been spot on, and the technical analysis training was so helpful,' s/he says. And, 'a†one-time fee of $97 is an absolute bargain for lifetime access to David Greenís weekly insight, training and stock picks.' Fantastic, if true - but we have no way of verifying this. The same article is posted on a host of websites - which tells me a lot about David Green's self-promotion abilities, but not about the quality of his product.†
So, Secret Stock Promo may be a great source of information and guidance through this murky, unstable, 'get rich quick' world. But then again it could be that the Land of Oz that Mr Green dangles in front of us, will, like the wizard himself, dissolve into nothing the closer you get.†

Date Reviewed: October 4, 2011, 1:17 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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