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This program has a sixty-day money back guarantee. Seven bonuses that enhance the main program are included.


The price seems a bit expensive for someone struggling with money. Perhaps if more information was shared, for example passages from the book, more people would buy it.


This seems to be a good program but I would have liked to see a bit more information. It seems to be geared towards people who have purchased similar products in the past and it does not appear to be for people who are just educating themselves about this type of program.

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Secret of Deliberate Creation from Dr. Robert Anthony
Secret Of Deliberate Creation Review
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FULL REVIEW: "The Secret of Deliberate Creation" by Dr. Robert Anthony

The Secret of Deliberate Creation is a self-improvement program designed by Dr. Robert Anthony. He has been teaching people about the Laws of Attraction and the Secrets of Manifestations for the past two and a half decades. This program will teach you, how to get the rapid life changing results, which you are looking for.

 Dr. Anthony has written fifteen books since 1980 on these subjects. He is the original one to begin sharing the knowledge. Because of his success, his work is often imitation with poor results by others.
This program ‘The Secret of Deliberate Creation’ helps you focus on getting what you want out of life. It uses different strategies to get you to the point of perfect alignment with your goals, so that you can attract whatever it is you desire.  This program will show how to change your mind into a positive thinking mind so that you can draw whatever it is you need to you.  This is in essence changing your mind to believe your goals are reachable. We have to be proactive in our thoughts and the rest will come.

How he realized his potential

The author explains how he has struggled with money and how he overcame it. He had the information to succeed but he never did succeeded until he practiced what he was teaching. He simply taught himself how to change his way of thinking and success followed. Instead of saying, I need to make more money to save for my children’s college education you need to begin saving for it. I have the money I just need to put it there, instead of worrying where it is coming from. If we believe the abundance is there, it will show itself.  Dr. Anthony stresses never put things off. Do what you can now to change your circumstances if they are unsuitable to you. 
I like how he stressed that in order to change or circumstances we need to change our way of thinking. Many of us struggle because we do not change our way of thinking. Once we change this, things level up and we become receptive to the good that is intended for us. No one can change our frame of mind. This is something we must do for ourselves. The information contained within this program will help you to make those changes. 

What is in the program?

Lessons on CD to help you unleash the hidden power within you to make your desires a reality are included in this program. There is an instant download bonus here as well. The quick start program described on the web site guarantees that if you use the program, it will pay for itself in six short weeks. If the program does not do all that, it promises you can return the program for a full refund. Dr. Robert Anthony also includes seven different bonus books, which will help to enhance the main part of this program. These bonuses include books on thinking positively, betting on yourself, and how to make the impossible things a reality. 

My thoughts

I do believe that most of these self-help programs are not worth the expense but this one seems different. I know the power of thinking positively. Trust me when I say negative thinking can set you back from reaching any intended goal. Negative thinking will keep you down and struggling until you find it within yourself to make the changes you need to make.
Did you ever notice that the happiest people you know seem to have everything come to them almost as if by magic? Negative people always seem to be the most unlucky people around. That is the power of positive thinking. 
Date Reviewed: March 3, 2012, 9:37 pm
Reviewed by Amy Browne
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