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Thorough coverage of any training and behavior concerns you may have about your dog. Ask and answer members forum to get unanswered questions responded to. Good value for money.


The bonus books were pretty concise and there is not a lot to them.


A solid product which seems to do what it claims. If you need to get your dog trained I would definitely recommend this product.

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Secrets To Dog Training (Dog Training E-Book and Video) from
Secrets To Dog Training Review
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"Secrets to Dog Training" by Daniel Stevens - REVIEW

Making a decision to buy a dog is a decision to take on all of the responsibilities of caring for a living breathing animal in your own home.  Along with the joy and companionship that these animals can bring there are many considerations to take into account.  The expenses involved with feeding, bathing and trips to the vet are just part of the agreement you are making when you take on an animal. 

There can also be frustrations that come along with owning a dog.  Those come with training and behavior problems.  It is your responsibility to keep your pet from getting either of you into trouble and not many people are born with this knowledge or understanding of how to manage a dog.  That's where dog trainers or training manuals come in and Kingdom of offers just that training.

Kingdom of is promoting a system called the Secrets to Dog Training also known as SitStayFetch, which has helped over 200 000 dog owners with training their dog's and their behavior problems.

So, what are they selling?

A 260 page book with photos that explains how to solve over 25 dog behavior problems, a 30 minute video, unlimited consultations in the "Members 'Area Forum". The product is downloadable for $39.99US. and you are also offered a free 6 day secrets to Dog Training Course.  The book contains tried and true methods to stop your dog from barking, how to prepare your home for a new dog, how to choose a veterinarian even proper grooming techniques.

In addition there are six dog books offered as a bonus.

  •   Secrets to Dog Training audio book.
  •   A Quick Guide to Dog Aggression.
  •   All the House Training Methods & Tricks.
  •   Dog Grooming Made Easy.
  •   Tips on Security Training Your Dog.
  •   Secrets to Becoming the Alpha Dog.

The marketing on the site is clear and does not raise any flags or cause for alarm.  There appears to be sufficient details present for the consumer to understand what is on offer and to make a reasonable decision for their needs.

What are the buyers saying?
Sifting through the numerous affiliate sights to find an unbiased review of this product is very difficult.  However, those testimonials are very convincing and explain some of the techniques the author Daniel Stevens uses.   Numerous customer testimonials on the sight say how well behaved their dog is and how much they have improved.

 " I have learned so much about dog behaviors and how to respond accordingly without yelling or intimidating".

One review site said the software could have been more entertaining but they got the point across which was solid and clear.  "The program facilitates dog owners without problems and proficiently keeps a record of pet documentation and development." 

:"The e-book is a very useful source for excellent, versatile training techniques."

What about the non-affiliated users?

The Better Business Bureau(BBB) has given the Kingdom of Pets a B rating on a scale of A+ - F.  Reportedly the two complaints filed in three years were promptly responded to and sufficiently resolved.  They would have a better rating had they responded to the BBB's request for more information.


The website is logical and orderly.  The marketing does not seem over exaggerated and there are many positive commentaries about this product.  The company appears to give you exactly what they claim.  The bonus books are good and concise and I was not able to find any negative feedback regarding the return policy and that it was not adhered to.  The volume of business done by this company speaks for itself and even the BBB has given them a decent rating.  The tips and techniques demonstrated in the books and videos are good and effective.  This seems to be a product that if used correctly will help you with all of your concerns regarding the training and disciplining your pet.  I would definitely give this product a thumbs up to potential users.
Date Reviewed: December 6, 2011, 10:06 pm
Reviewed by marilee
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