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It straightens and styles hair safely and effectively; it works with most hair types.


It's pricey.


If price isn't an issue, consider investing in this styling iron.

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Sedu Revolution Styling Iron from Sedu
Sedu Revolution Styling Iron Review
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Does the Sedu Revolution Styling Iron Stack Up to the Competition?

A favorite among professionals and customers alike, the Sedu Revolution Styling Iron isn't a bargain buy: It normally retails for $270.00. Don't let the price be a deterrent, though; its high-quality tourmaline cermaic plates, lightweight design, and instantaneous heating aperture makes it even better than the Chi Styling Iron. Here is my review.

  • Uses tourmaline ceramic plates
  • Doesn't tangle or pull on hair
  • Heats up immediately

  • It's expensive
  • Plates too small to iron larger hair parts


Weighing it at just a pound, its lightweight feel is the first thing customers love the most: Though long, the styling iron always feels light and manageable, making it easy to work with. The design itself is also very thin and sleek, making it a fave among professionals--it's not a bulky device to work with, making it easy to move around larger sections of hair. For added safety and support, it also comes attached with tourmaline-infused ceramic plates, measuring one inch long. Though it won't be a preferred device for straightening thicker, bigger sections of hair, it's excellent for straightening small strands of hair--and even curling as well.


Feature-wise, the Sedu Revolution Styling Iron is fairly simple--but does the job well. For faster styling, it comes with a temperature heating system--which heats the tourmaline plates from 180 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit--which heats to the precise temperature within 60 seconds of use; some customers have even reported it takes less than 30 seconds to heat up. The styling iron itself is expertly designed with a curved edge feel that gently wraps around hair without tugging or pulling at individual strands--a plus for those with brittle hair.

For safe storage, the Sedu Revolution Styling Iron also comes with a heat-proof storage pouch--perfect for straightening on-the-road or just as a good case for keeping the iron protected when not in use.

Though it contains very few features, this styling iron focuses on quality rather than quantity--heating up instantaneously and smoothing hair out without tugging or pulling, which can be a problem with cheaper hair irons.


Most styling irons present problems for those with different hair types--such as ethnic hair types, which tend to be more brittle and can't handle the harsh heat of a hair straightener. Tourmaline irons tend to diminish this effect, but can still be harsh for weaker hair types. Luckily, the Sedu Revolution Styling Iron fares well here, quickly straightening both ethnic and Caucausian hair without any breakage, pulling, or frizz. "This iron glides," says Del Sandeen, an Black Hair guide. "I felt no tugging or pulling, even on my most crimped hair."

The results are also long-lasting--it keeps the hair straight for days without any need for touchups. Though hair product is recommended to hold in the style, it often fares well without any products, and often gives a nice, healthy sheen to the hair, something that can be credited to its tourmaline-infused ceramic plates, which are often safer and healthier for the hair. Overall, this styling iron smooths out hair quickly and efficiently without tangling, pulling, or otherwise making the hair prone to breakage--a big plus for those with brittle hair.

What the Customers Think

As a styling product, this styling iron isn't just a fave among professionals--customers also love its lightweight, sleek design. Here is what they had to say:

"Compared to all previous irons, the Revolution leaves my hair shinier, bouncier and softer. I purposely used the same products that I use regularly to accurately judge the performance of the Revolution. This is my #1 discovery of the year." - Cinnabuns (

" I am IN LOVE WITH THE SEDU REVOLUTION IT IS EVEN BETTER THEN THE SEDU PRO!! I have tried just about every professional flat iron and this makes my hair the sleekest, with INCREDIBLE SHINE!!" - LovestoShop (

"This is one of the very best hair Irons I've ever used, well worth the money." - thepnup (


Although the Sedu Revolution Styling Iron definitely isn't budget-friendly, it's well worth it: It's safe, works with most hair types, and quickly straightens hair without any tugging or pulling.  It also locks in the styling for a long time, even without hair spray or gel.  My recommendation: If price isn't an issue, consider investing in this styling iron.
Date Reviewed: May 14, 2012, 10:26 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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