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Comes in many formats. Has a money-back guarantee.


High price. Requires a big time investment to succeed.


If you have the time and money to put into it, this could be a good product. It is not for someone who wants to only casually pick it up when they feel like it.

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Self Esteem Elevation For Children from Dr. Joe Rubino
Self Esteem Elevation For Children Review
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Review of Joe Rubino's "Self-Esteem Elevation Coaching for Children"

Are you searching for ways to help children that you work with or your own children build their self-esteem? This is something everyone needs before they can reach their full potential in life. Self-esteem Elevation for Children Coaching Certification is a support system that’s designed to help you help children find the self-confidence they need to lead successful lives.

According to the publisher’s description of the program, you can “Become a Certified Self-Esteem Coach for Children and Learn the Life-Impacting Secrets to Champion Kids to Elevate their Self-Esteem & Live their Best Lives”.

It also states that you “Can earn rewarding incomes by working with children, teachers and parents to support children to develop soaring self-esteem”.

Dr. Joe Rubino created this program for anyone who works with children whether you work in the educational field, psychological field, a childcare facility, as a social worker or as an independent baby-sitter. All parents who want the best for their children can also use this program to help give their child the tools they need to become a healthy adult.

There are many guides out there to help parents with their children so you need to do your research before making a purchase. 

Does It Really Work

Now that you know what it is, you need to know if it works. Self-esteem Elevation for Children Coaching Certification is described as a valid program with many benefits. Many customers who have tried this program reported being very happy with the results it provided. Some even reported amazing results.

There is certainly a lot of marketing hype surrounding this product. The question is whether it’s justified? We can take a look at the “Sales” and the “Refunds” to help answer this question.

Sales and refunds…

The “Sales” count provides you with a figure that shows how many programs are sold each day and the “Refund” count shows how many of the units sold were returned for a refund. The “Sales” for the Self-esteem Elevation for Children Coaching Certification is very high, which shows that it is a popular item with high sales. The “Refund” shows that few consumers returned the product for a refund.

This indicates that most users are very pleased with the product, which means the hype surrounding it appears to be justified. Many believe this product shows real potential even though there are a few bugs to work out. There is no other product of its kind sold today.

The Good and the Bad

Like most products, the Self-esteem Elevation for Children Coaching Certification has both good and bad points. This product is a valid step-by-step method that helps adults enhance the development in children by building their self-esteem. As a result, it promotes happiness and overall well-being. This will help children in all areas of their life in the present and future.

It helps to make the transaction from childhood to the adult world much easier. At this time, it appears that this product can help children become well-adjusted and productive members of society. You can receive the program in paper books, e-book, video and audio books so you can choose the one that suits you best. The steps to the program are also easy to understand and follow.

As for negatives, we have to look first at price. This is a very expensive product so not every facility or parent can afford it. It also takes time and commitment to follow the program. You cannot just do a little every now and then and expect it to work. Lastly, it’s important that you know there is a possibility that this product won’t work for some kids because everyone is different.

The Self-esteem Elevation for Children Coaching Certification does come highly recommended. However, if you do try the product and you’re not happy with it, there is a 60 day guaranteed refund period so there is really no risk.

Date Reviewed: February 29, 2012, 1:43 pm
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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Let me state this clearly, Coaching Certification is NOT scam. Take a look again at It's very clear and show some proof of the reputation of the product.
Apart from this review, I’d also advise any interested readers to do a little more research into the product before investing in buy it – see the web page link elsewhere in this post.
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