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The product comes in different tones and phases. This product can be used by those of all levels, including beginners. The product is high quality.


The product is expensive, according to users.


The product is very effective and can be used of people by all levels. The only drawback mentioned was that the product is a little expensive.

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Self-Hypnosis Brainwave Audio from Unexplainable Store
Self Hypnosis By Unexplainable Store
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"Self Hypnosis" Brainwave Audio by the Unexplainable Store - REVIEW

Self-hypnosis is something that we often hear about.  Self-Hypnosis Brainwave Audio states that it will allow you to quickly self-hypnotize and enter your subconscious.  This product states that you will be able to reprogram parts of your thinking and behavior by using this program. 

What is self-hypnosis?

In simple terms, this means that you will hypnotize yourself.  The right technique is critical to success, and many people swear by self-hypnosis.  A person may practice this for a variety of reasons.  Some people may self-hypnotize to alleviate chronic pain, some to reduce depression and anxiety, some use it as a way to relieve stress, some to increase their athletic and academic performance and some to alter a behavior, such as quitting smoking cigarettes. 

Many people who successfully complete self-hypnosis swear by the use of certain sounds and music to help aid them in getting into their subconscious.  There are different phases of the subconscious that those wanting to practice this technique need to be aware of.  When in the beta phase, a person is active and awake alert.  So, they should not sleep during this time.  In the alpha phase, a person is conscious and aware, but very comfortable.  It is basically a step down from beta phase.  When in the theta phase, a person will not be able to function physically without flaws, and they are very dreamy.  This is a step down from alpha.  When a person wishes to enter the delta phase he or she should be lying down because there is a pretty good chance that he or she will go fully to sleep. 

What are users saying about Self-Hypnosis Brainwave Audio?

Binaural beats are $14.00 and isochronic tones are $24.00.  This product states that users will experience some degree of results on their first try.  They state that the frequencies used will bring the user deeper and deeper into their own mind state.  There will be relaxing music, nature sounds and charming bells intertwined into the frequencies. 

Customers are reporting that they enjoy the product and were satisfied with the results that they had.  However, these same users stated that they felt that the product was too expensive for what it provided.  Most stated that they would not purchase more unless the price came down. 

It is reported by those that purchased this product that the quality of the sound is crystal clear.  They report that a lot of similar products have a sound quality that is undefined and muddy and difficult to self-hypnose with.  They state that this product has no unnecessary noise and is able to allow the brain the easily sync itself to the beat that is playing. 

Users state that regardless of a person's psychological make-up, there will be at least a few sessions that will benefit them.  To easily find the different sessions, the developer has divided them into categories: brain function, spiritual development, therapy and self-improvement.

One customer stated that he found great success with the Sleep Package and the Study-Aid.  He stated that with the Sleep Package, he was able to overcome his insomnia and as time passed he no longer needed the product to sleep because it essentially trained his brain to know when he was ready to head to bed.  He stated that the Study-Aid was beneficial in helping him to retain far more information that he usually retained, making his study sessions more productive.  He said it also increases his focus and makes his study sessions more enjoyable.

Breaking down the highlights of the product:

  • Every Purchase is Accompanied with Free Bonuses
  • There is a User Guide to Explain How to Get Into the Phases and What to be Doing to Prepare to Enter Them
  • There is an 8-Week Money Back Guarantee
  • The Download Files are Large, but have a Solid Bitrate of 320 for MP3s and a 44,100 Hz Wave Files for all CDs, so They Will Play on Any Computer or CD Player
  • Both Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones are Available
Those who have had a chance to try this product feel that is was effective.  Some are unhappy with the price, but said that this was their only issue.  Quality was a big factor in customers being happy.
Date Reviewed: March 3, 2012, 9:33 pm
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